Turkey Shoot At The Vineyard Of Licking County

The Vineyard Of Licking County is having a Turkey Shoot November 12th from 9 a.m – 4 p.m.

Turkey Shoot. Your chance to win a free turkey in Newark, Ohio.

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  • $10 for 3 shots. Ammo is provided. Guns are available if you do not  bring your own.
  • For turkey shoot email Howie Broyles a: howie@thehman.com  You may also contact the church at 740-364-1750

For those who have not been to a Turkey Shoot, it is simply a short range setup where a shotgun is shot at a target. The number of holes put in the target from the buckshot are tallied and whoever gets the highest number of hits wins a prize.

Vendors are wanted for the event. $15 with table provided, $10 if you bring your own. Please call Raynola St.Clair at 740-334-0230 to reserve a table.

The Vineyard Of Licking County Church is located at 7602 Stewart Rd. Newark, OH.


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