Tristans Bar In Newark, Ohio

UPDATE! Tristan’s Bar Is Now Closed! 

Tristans is a known trouble spot in Newark, Ohio. Here is a case where someone one was smashed in the head for wearing a Michigan jacket. This is just one example of many incidents that frequently occur at Tristans in Newark, Ohio.

I like to inform any visitors of problem bars in Newark, Ohio because the town seems small and harmless, but we do have a few establishments that are full of people looking for trouble. It’s not uncommon for a group of cowards to gang up on someone that’s not familiar to them. As shown in this incident, simply wearing a team jacket they don’t like is enough to start a potentially lethal altercation. Police intervention at these spots is rare for reasons I can’t prove.

If it looks like a “neighborhood” bar, chances are it’s a problem bar in Newark. If you’re not sure, don’t go in or keep a low profile while you’re there.

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