The Lucky Bamboo Chinese Restaurant In Newark, Ohio.

The Lucky Bamboo is one of Newark, Ohio’s Chinese restaurants that does a good business. It’s on the far west side of town at 1485 Granville Road. They’ve been in business for many years and remain one of the favorite unique restaurants in Newark, Ohio

There is carry-out(10% off) or dine-in. The Lucky Bamboo’s phone number is 740-344-1822. Hungry Chinese food lovers in Newark should try them. They are very close to The Cherry Valley Lodge and The Marriot. They are also a short drive from Granville, Ohio. Don’t settle for fast food on the west side of town when you could have great Chinese and Thai food. 

As of this writing, I cannot find a website for this location. 

Another longtime favorite Chinese restaurant in Newark, Ohio is The Golden Wok, which used to be a speakeasy during prohibition. 

The Lucky Bamboo Chinese Restaurant in Newark, Ohio.

The Lucky Bamboo In Newark, Ohio

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