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And The Real Name Of State Route 13 Is…

This is just annoying. Everyone is used to referring to State Route 13 as 4th Street, but now they’ve added another name, “Reese-LeFevre Parkway”. It’s sure to add confusion to any visitor not familiar with Newark, Ohio. 

Confusing Newark, Ohio Main Street Intersection.

Intersection of 4th and Main, or is it Reese-LeFevre Parkway and Main, or State Route 13 and Main?

Right now, it is easy to point out craziness in Newark, Ohio and this is just another more recent change to the downtown. The added signage really doesn’t add any value, but does add confusion. 

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Newark, Ohio’s Route 13 Is An Unlucky Drive.

Whether your superstitious about 13 or not, Licking County‘s State Route 13 is an unlucky highway. The major reason is speed. Combine speed with a highway that has many places to enter and exit the roadway, inattentive drivers, and heavy traffic, and you’re not going to have any luck.

South of Newark, there are a few curves and blind hills. Nothing that should present a problem, but it does. Truck traffic adds fuel to the rage of impatient drivers. If you go north of Newark, a 45mph speed zone is disregarded as drivers push they’re family trucksters and big boy trucks to their performance limits of 70mph or so.

Patience is the key to driving these roads. The road isn’t the problem. There are many worse roads with far better safety statistics. The speed limit isn’t there to impede your ability to travel quickly. It’s there to allow for a safety cushion for the many drivers entering and exiting the roads. Sure, you may not have to turn for 15 miles, but many people live in neighborhoods along the highway. Turning here is a legal maneuver. No matter how much you tailgate or blow you horn, folks need to make their turns to get home.

Tonight we had many injured at the 657 and 13 intersection. Again, there’s nothing wrong with the road here. It’s fine. You can see for a 1/2 mile in each direction, yet somehow there is an accident. How could this happen? The cause is not reported yet, but I would bet alcohol, speed, inattentive driving, or a combination of them are going to play a role.

As you travel the unlucky Ohio State Route 13, think about your driving responsibilities. Think about the consequences of your actions. If you know you’re driving responsibly, give it even more effort. Realize that the person behind you is thinking that the closer he gets to your bumper, the faster you may go. Realize they’re probably involved in some fascinating conversation on the cell phone like “who’s dating who”, or ” did you get bread”. Think about this before your turn. If you see them back there, slow down very far of your turn. Go ahead, get them upset, at least they’ll be watching your bumper and maybe they’ll see your turn signal.


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