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Chopper Bob’s Motorcycle Tire And Lube In Newark, Ohio.

Newark, Ohio Motorcycle Tire And Lube

Chopper Bob's Motorcycle Tire And Lube And Jugz Tavern In Newark, Ohio

It’s an unusual combanation, Newark, Ohio’s Chopper Bob’s Motorcycle Tire And Lube and Jugz Taverm is a place where you can get maintenance done to a motorcycle while you get a drink and eat at the same time. I have not visited yet, so I’m not sure if they only do Harley-Davidson work or if other brands are services as well. There is more information and a full schedule of entertainment events on their website.

Newark’s motorcycle community is huge and I’ve often wondered why we don’t have more motorcycle repair shops. Many riders go to Mount Vernon Mid-Ohio Suzuki/Honda, The Iron Pony on the east side of Columbus, or other out-of-town shops. It’s great to see a business in Newark and the unique setup is interesting too.

Newark, Ohio Motorcycle Accidents

The skull and crossbones, a common symbol for ...

Motorcylists, beware.Wikipedia

There have been many motorcycle accidents recently in the Licking County area. All of them that I know about were not what I consider to be “accidents” at all. They were acts of total careless and wreckless abandon by many parties involved. They were avoidable.

You can’t talk about the specific accidents without offending the survivors of the deceased and that is not my intent. I would find it ignorant to ignore the safety principles and laws violated that caused them. I have 26 years of experience riding motorcycles, military vehicles, 18-wheelers, and cars. I’ve driven in 48 states, Canada, and Europe. I’ve had numerous safety courses in all types of vehicles. I know what I’m talking about.

The recent accidents I can recall are as follows:

Super Chopper With A Drunk Rider

Customized hot-rod chopper leaves a bar north of Newark. He’s drunk and showing off. He kills himself and injures his rider severly. No reports of intoxication even though many witnesses drank with him and noted that he was going to kill himself before he left the bar. No safety gear involved, obviously.

Super Bike Stunt Rider

After an evening at a bar on 21st street, a rider on a sport bike decides to impress the group he’s with by doing a wheelie down Newark’s most heavily traveled area. He reaches a very fast speed and a car fails to see him  due to his headight pointing at the sky. He kills himself when he hits the car.

Bikers Passing Slow Vehicles

I know of 2 recent crashes where large vehicles were slowing to turn. The claim is they didn’t have a turn signal on. Regardless, the impatient bikers went to pass, the large vehicles turned left into their path and crashed them. If you have a large vehicle slowing near an intersection, guess what, they’re going to turn. I know, it’s a violation of all that’s good and holy to not signal, but it happens. Tired truckers, tired farmers in over-sized equipment, they do stupid things. Prepare for it.

Sports Cars With Young Drivers Making Erratic Moves

A teenager in a sports car goes from a high rate of speed to slamming on the brakes to make a turn. Biker swerves to miss and kills the rider. Neither rider was wearing safety gear. A spoiled teenager in a performance car that they’re parents got them just because that’s what they wanted. What does that tell you? Does it sound like a situation that you want to be near in any vehicle? When you see it, get ready for a problem.

The list could go on. What can be noted is that these are not the usual 100% fault of the car drivers that we are used to. These are preventable by the motorcyclist. I understand the usual problems of car drivers not caring at all. Those problems are still prevalent, but there’s nothing we can do about them except to prepare for their lack of skills or attention. We can control our actions.

Look around you at the friends and families being maimed and injured. The old arguments are dead and laws will not correct the problem.

  • Where your safety gear and persuade others to also.
  • Take safety courses and practice what you learn.
  • Don’t go to the bar if you must drink there. If you can’t do that, sell the motorcycle. There are less painful ways of suicide if that is your goal.
  • Save the stunts for safe areas. There are multiple locations where you can put your sportbike through it’s paces.

And As For The Car Drivers…

Ignore the assumption that car drivers need to pay attention and drive in a legal matter. It’s not going to happen. It’s only worsened over the years. The legal penalties are light and mean very little. Look at how they drive. Cell phones, stoned on anti-depressants, texting, drunk, inattentive, and careless. The assumption one’s self is much more important than anything else around them has increased.

Look what they do after they kill a biker. The cry and wail to the police, “I didn’t see him!”, when they did. The tears are for their carelessness finally catching up with them, not for those they’ve hurt and killed. They’re not going to attend the funeral or even apologize to the survivors. It’s not an “accident”. Nothing you can say or do can correct this problem. It’s a matter of a personal decision by the driver to place their personal activities importance at a greater level than the safety of those around them.

Prepare yourself for their stupidity. When you see a car approach a driveway and slow with no turn signal, guess what. They’re going to turn left into your path! It’s going to happen. Get your brakes covered and ready. Wear your safety gear to increase your survivability by over 40%. Stay sober. Get trained on emergency maneuvers to avoid them. If you can’t manage to do these things, get rid of the bike.

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