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Newark, Ohio Downtown Project

There’s a new $4,000,000 project in the works for Downtown Newark, Ohio. The plan is for a farmer’s market, public restrooms, and a park-like area. This plan rendering was passed out by Wachtel & McAnally

Newark, Ohio future farmer's market plans.

Plan rendering for downtown Newark, Ohio farmer’s market and park.

I went and listened to the speech where the speakers thoroughly discussed the history of canal street and explained that they wanted to bring the area back to it’s place of prominence. They feel that these plans for a farmer’s market and “green space” will do the trick. The new Canal District Market plan was shrouded in secrecy(with numerous leaks of course) and it was announced that it would be a public/private agreement with the TJ Evans Foundation. It’s easy to get lost in the details from that point, at least it was for me. 

I’d like to say this will be nice. It probably will be. The problem is that much of it makes no sense. There has been a constant complaint about parking in downtown Newark, Ohio. Many like myself just don’t get it. There is plenty of parking right where this project is going to take place. That does not stop The Downtown Newark Association, every new round of politicians, and government employees from constantly spending money on studies to show that Newark needs grants and other forms of tax dollars to improve the parking. Along comes this project that detracts from the amount of parking and I see these groups applauding the effort. It makes the claim of lack of parking as the primary reason for the decline of Newark’s downtown seem like even more of a fallacy. 

It will be interesting to see the project happen regardless of the confusion and questionable spending surrounding it. I also await the outcome of what the effect of a project like this really does for the area. 


Federal Fountain – Cracked!

A new fountain was installed on the Licking County Courthouse lawn in downtown Newark, Ohio this winter. The old was aging and in need of removal or replacement and I would like to commend those that donated much time and money to the project. Many businesses and individuals freely gave out of their own pockets. The reports I read stated $100,000! That’s only slightly less than the median price of a home in Newark, Ohio. 

What I find to be a big problem with this fountain is that $100,000 didn’t do it. The project dipped into the federal coffers for another $20,000 for a beautification grant. The fountain was installed at the same time that the federal government was shutting down. They were claiming they were broke, but obviously  the were not. All across American this little grant and that little grant goes to appease the locals for their political support. 

I hope that extra $20,000 included a warranty for the fountain. Not long after cold hit, it cracked. Just like the system that partially funded it, it cracked. The town will probably be staring at this tarp until warm weather or until another federal fix-it-up grant comes their way. 

Cracked federally funded fountain in Newark, Ohio.

Cracked fountain that was partially funded by federal beautification grants.

It seems so many time that these federal grants come back to bite the city. Right now there are people being question for real estate transactions were used to purchase building that were never used, aren’t being used now, and cannot be sold. So many of the grants turn out to be nothing but a waste. Democrats and Republicans fall for them. It’s easy money. Fill out the forms, answer the questions in the right way, and money arrives to make it look like you as a politician actually did something positive during your tenure.

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Meijer Closing In Newark, Ohio. City Officials Offer Help To Find Public Money To Aid Them.

It was a bit of a shock to many to hear that the Newark, Ohio Meijer department store was closing. The long favored store for many in the area seems to be doing a great business. The parking lot is always full and there is rarely a complaint about the store. Customers like it’s size, the employees, and the prices are competitive. An official explanation really hasn’t been given other than that the store is simply dated and not with the standards of of other stores in the Meijer chain.

Meijer department store in Newark, Ohio.

Meijer department store in Newark, Ohio with the usual full parking lot.

Corporations do what they will and sometimes leave the public in the dark or give generic explanations. That’s just how it is. They’re in the business of making money and not entertaining the whims of customers unless of course, that means making more money. They’re even legally bound to their stockholders to exercise all efforts possible to make money. When they decide to close a store, that’s just that.

What I found even more shocking was the reaction of Licking County Chamber Of Commerce and the Mayor of Newark, Jeff Hall. Many in the Chamber of Commerce claim to be Conservatives. It was reported in the local news that they were dismayed that Meijer did not come to them seeking help. They want to offer government funded grants and anything else to entice the store into staying open. Hearing Conservatives make the suggestion of using public money to enrich a corporation runs counter to their beliefs and there is nothing conservative about it. To make matters worse, Meijer didn’t even make a claim that they needed additional funding to stay open. The city officials don’t even know the company’s future plans for the area.

Conservatives, it appears that we don’t really have as many true conservatives as previously claimed. Democrats, what’s the fuss? It’s common that your party loses in Licking County and you blame Republicans for everything. Actions like this show that Republicans are doing your bidding though, so I don’t understand the complaints? 

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Fishing Around Newark, Ohio

Buckeye Lake (Ohio)

Buckeye Lake (Ohio) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Newark, Ohio is blessed with many good fishing spots. It’s a popular pastime in the area. Some of the more popular areas are:

Always make sure that you have your Ohio fishing license and the special permit from the city for T.J. Evans Family Park.

Permits for T.J. Evans Family Park are for sale at Cedar Hill Cemetary, 275 N. Cedar Street, Newark, Ohio. Call 740-670-7775 to be sure that someone is there to sell you one.

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May 3, 2012 Website Update

There have been some improvements to the website. If you look at the Link Directory link in the toolbar of Newark, Ohio Links, you’ll find a few more ways to discover the websites connected to the city. They are organized in a few different ways and more will be added. 

The old link system was outdated and the new one is more flexible and easier to update. The admin will get instant notification when a bad link is found so the directory will stay updated with nothing but valid links. 

New websites that have been added are – 

The types of sites deleted due to failed websites – 

  • Geese Control Company
  • 1 Landscape company
  • Licking County Sports score website.
  • 4 Personal blogs that had either quit posting for years or were gone.
  • 1 bed and breakfast
  • 1 Hotel
  • 1 office supply store
  • 1 restaurant
  • 2 Bars
  • 1 clothing store
  • 1 Pizza restaurant
  • 1 Firearms instruction school.
  • 1 Travel Agency
  • 1 Golf Course
  • 1 Clothes Cleaner
  • 1 Tanning Salon

It’s sad to see so many sites leaving. Many are failed businesses and others are giving up on owning their own websites and resorting to the walled content at Facebook. As Facebook begins to lose followers, I expect to see some of these return to the benefits of owning their own website again. 

Some of the new websites are Yellowbook websites with nothing more than a few photos and a phone number. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. 

The new link system may not look much now, but I will phase in more functions later. It will also free up some time for other features that I’ve been wanting to add. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. 

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Massive Changes In The Link Directory

Something happened a few weeks ago that I’ve never seen before in keeping track of Newark, Ohio related links. At the same time, there was a large number of sites that disappeared and a large number that were added. Part of that may be due to websites expiring as 2012 started, part of it is because I had the time to look at every link, but that doesn’t explain all of it.

Some, but not many, of the links that have left have switched to using social media, primarily Facebook. I can see the appeal in being able to easily post for free, but I think that in the coming years, these businesses will regret that decision. Starting a WordPress blog is nearly as easy and the return over time will be greater. It’s always wise to own your own content and Facebook owns everything that you place on their pages. 


Due to these large volumes of changes I’m working on converting my old system to a newer system for keeping track of the link directory. This will mean an ever better organized list of active links. 

Here’s the list of recent changes:

Websites added:

Websites deleted:

  • Multiple catering businesses
  • Multiple churches
  • 1 Engineering firm
  • 1 radio station
  • 1 clothing manufacturer
  • 1 clothing cleaner
  • 1 embroidery company
  • 1 gift shop
  • 2 local blogs
  • 1 news website
  • 1 motorcycle repair website
  • 1 restaurant ceased to operate their website, but remain in business
  • 1 winery
  • 3 realtors
  • 1 property management group
  • 2 personal trainers
  • 4 websites supporting local sports teams
  • 1 firearms instruction school
  • 1 website hacked and unusable
  • 1 yoga center
  • 1 hockey team
  • Licking County Farm Bureau apparently chose to cease it’s own website, but larger organizational website exists.
  • 1 apple farm
  • 1 attorney
  • 1 junkyard
  • Multiple car repair garages
  • 1 Christian school
  • 1 child care center
  • 1 limo service
  • 1 rock band
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Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser To Support The Licking County Sports Association

January 21, 2012
1:00 pmto4:00 pm

Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser Saturday Jan 21st from 1-4pm at the Heath Eagles at 1007 Hollander St.

classic spaghetti carbonara

Image via Wikipedia

Come out and support Licking County Sports Association!

There will be Entertainment & 50/50 Raffle. Also news about our New Location & Sign ups for the 2012 Season.

Tickets can be purchased at the door.
$7 Per Person
5 & Under $3 
Family $25 (Max 5 People each additional person $3)


View Larger Map

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New Links For The Newark, Ohio Directory

I have quite a few new links added for this update.

In the Newark, Ohio Restaurant And Bars category:

In the Health category:

In the Non-Profit category:

In the Local Bloggers category:

In the Recreation, Sports And Leisure category:

In the Industry And Warehousing category:

In the Attorney And Legal category:

In the Financial category:

In the Photographers category:

In the Beauty And Barbershops category:

In Food category:

In the Retail category:

In the Artists And Galleries category:

The directory is at a total of 840 active links with only a small percent of the links not belonging to businesses, individuals, or organizations in the immediate vicinity of Newark, Ohio. As always, I’m looking for more to add and I always appreciate any help with errors or omissions.

Happy New Year’s and best wishes to all for 2012.


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Pipeline Through Licking County Should Cause Concern

I’ve been reading quite a bit about a pipeline coming through Licking County to support planned drilling in the Marcellus Shale gas drilling projects to our east. All that I’ve seen so far is excitement coming from our local government. It seems that after a steady decline in the local economy, they’ve found something they can put their name on and lay claim to. That excitement is going to blind them to the potential hazards that this project could bring.

Gas Drilling Rig

I’m not going to write to much on the Marcellus Shale projects. I can’t. I don’t have enough knowledge about the gas and oil industry to defend every detail that I write about. I do know that if you want to see the end results, all you have to do is look to Pennsylvania. Fracking(a complicated process of getting gas out of a well that’s gone dry) has devastated the lives of many and ruined rural land there. Fracking involves pumping millions of gallons of water and hydraulic chemicals into the well to force cracks in it and get surrounding gas to fill the empty well. Along with putting toxic chemicals in the ground, the process also releases chemicals already in the ground out into the environment. The result is hazardous to the health of the population in the area.

I’m not much of a tree hugger. I believe that many potentially harmful practices can have the risk greatly reduced simply by using proper practices. Proper practices usually cost more money, so the only common sense protection is for the law to enforce laws concerning private property. That’s usually not done because the gas industry pays off our legal system and politicians. There’s a lot to the methods used to skirt the law in Pennsylvania. The laws have already exempted the gas industry from oversight. For example, nobody is allowed to question what’s in the fracking fluid. The law protects them from disclosing it’s contents.

Ohioans should be studying what’s happened in Pennsylvania. Marcellus Protest is a good place to start. Use a search engine to look for terms like “Pennsylvania Fracking” too. Some of what you find is horrifying. Wells blowing up in backyards, tap water that you can set on fire, significant rises in cancer and rare diseases, and more. This is not the harmless natural gas industry that we’ve been led to believe for so many years.

There’s big, big money involved. Here’s a Licking County Port Authority CEO finding himself excited at the thought of Licking County, Ohio getting in on the gas boom. I’ve read a lot of his posts and he NEVER mentions any of the hazards experienced in Pennsylvania. No mention of the need to change Ohio law to protect citizens from an industry that most no nothing about. Just as ignorant are the landowners entering into contracts to lease their land to the drilling companies. I don’t use the term “ignorant” in a derogatory way here. I too an ignorant, but how are our politicians and citizens going to enter into agreements with a complicated industry that they don’t know anything about. Who is educated in the gas industry that will look out for the public?

All of us should keep a very close eye on our local government when it comes to their decisions on this pipeline. We all need the work, we could all use the revenue, but remember who we’re letting make these important decisions. Remember the state and local government allowing Longaberger to do as it pleased with the roads? What fruit has that brought us? We don’t need to discount the gas industry as an evil, but we do need local government to give priority to protecting the property and land of it’s citizens over the easy money from allowing the gas companies to operate at their convenience.

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It’s Christmas Time In Newark, Ohio.

Newark, Ohio Courthouse Lit For Christmas

Licking County Courthouse Lit For 2011 Christmas Season

The 2011 Lighting Of the Courthouse event is over. Santa Claus arrived as scheduled for his annual visit to light the Licking County, Ohio Courthouse. As usual, there were a few technical glitches to work out, but with the help of the crowd cheering on, they got it lit and it will remain so for the rest of the Christmas season.

It’s become an annual tradition for Newark, Ohio to usher in the Christmas season with the lighting of the courthouse. Donations are made all year long and events like the Lite The Nite car show are held to pay for the lighting. The community makes quite an effort to ensure that this happens every year. The end result is a stunningly beautiful display and a fun memory made for everyone. 

Carolers sang while the crowd anxiously waited for Santa’s arrival. Santa made contact by radio and the fire truck had to pick him up after some difficulties with the sleigh. The fireman were happy to pick him up with the fire truck. I even seen Homeland Security there to ensure his safety. A police escort was also there to assist. 

If you’re town doesn’t have a Christmas tradition like Newark, Ohio, you’re missing out. It’s a great time kids and adults alike. Unlike big events, it’s just a few hours out of the season that’s for everyone, but especially the kids. What other time of year do kids get to see a large gathering of adults that are for the most part, just having fun? 

Here are some videos. Not the greatest quality, but good enough to get an idea of what the Christmas gathering in Newark, Ohio is all about. 

 Santa Arrives On The Fire Truck


The Crowd Must Cheer To Overcome The Technical Difficulties With The Lights. Happens Every Year.

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