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Mark Birks Photography Class At Newark, Ohio Library

June 15, 2011
6:30 pmto8:31 pm

Mark Birks, a Central Ohio photographer, has announced on his website that he will teach a class at the Newark Public Library on June 23, 2011 at 7 p.m.

Learn to take better pictures with any camera.

Licking County Library Expects 5% Cut.

Library books a thing of the past.

The Licking County Library in Newark, Ohio is now expecting a 5% decrease in funding from the State Of Ohio. That’s not good news, but considering the rumored 15% – 30% cuts, it’s better than expected. I think that there is much to learn from these cuts. The state is nearly broke, but yet libraries only received a 5% cut. There are many who will say that any cut at all is unacceptable and others who cannot understand why they were not cut more. It’s true, some operating costs are increasing, but libraries should be taking advantage of every technological advancement to lower their costs and prove their worth to the community.

How does a library prove their worth? In order to do this, it’s the public’s responsibility to remain informed. The library’s website informs well and they shouldn’t have to add additional costs from advertising. There are a few printing companies that enjoy their business and would like to persuade them to believe otherwise though. The vendors for the library need to realize that times are changing too.

The library’s role is changing to more of a center of education rather than just a place where knowledge is stored. The knowledge is now stored on computer networks all over the world. There’s less need for this. People need equipment to access it and instruction for the best uses of it. The Licking County Library has done a relatively good job, but they need to realize that the role of the library is changing.

I recently tried their e-book system. It was a confusing mess. The library’s name was not listed as a choice and the right answer happened to be a consortium they’re affiliated with. Once I finally found a book that I was interested in, there was a possible 2 month wait to read it! In today’s world, that’s not going to work. I found the book at Amazon for $10 and forgot about the troublesome library system.

I think that the library is going to play a larger role as a meeting place. There will always be books and periodicals, but not in the capacity that there once was. For example, I would never go to the library for a book on computer software. Once it reaches the library’s shelf, it’s out of date and worthless. The computer books they do buy are a waste of taxpayer dollars. There are other subjects that change just as fast. However, I would go to the library for a computer class or to listen to a speaker from the computer industry.

There will always be a need for a quiet place to study and the library can enhance this. Printers, copy machines, and other things that people may not have access too are great additions. There are many resources for job seekers that have proved to be a God send for those that desperately need them. It’s all about serving the community with a facility and staff that is trying to earn their keep.

I know, it’s sad to see the old ideal of what I library should be go, but I’d say that changing to stay relevant is much more important. Perhaps those wishing for a traditional library could form their own private library that emulates the days gone by.  For now, I think it would be wise for the library to either prove to the public that they need additional funding for the services they provide and prepare for continued cuts if they cannot maintain relevancy.

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Newark, Ohio Links Newsletter For March 28, 2010

Newark, Ohio Links continues to evolve. More websites have been added and some additional functions added. The website is gaining traffic at a steady pace. It’s taken quite an effort to build, so I’m happy to see improvements. Websites take patience and work and I enjoy the challenge.

There is now an events listing. I’ve noticed that other websites fill it up with to many small events. Taco night every Wednesday at a restaurant is not an “event” to most of us. I’m going to be looking for the big events to fill there, but I’ll ad any reasonable events that I’m sent.

The Newark, Ohio Library Seeks Additional Funds

I’ve been hearing about the levy for the Newark, Ohio Library, but there is no mention of the Licking County library levy on their website. One would think this would be on the front page and that they would be proud to explain their financial situation. They are the information center of the county right?

Don’t get me wrong, we should all support the library. It’s the only good resource we have locally for books and it saves anyone seeking information time and money. My problem is that they are asking for funds, but they are not giving any specifics as to what the funds will be used for. If you look at the back page of the flier, they only give very broad explanations.

Below are the ads that I received today. They tell what they did in the past. They inform us that the state is making a 25% cut in their funding. They do not tell us exactly what will be cut, how much of their funding comes from the state, or what they intend to do with the increase we will pay with our tax dollars. I hope it will not be for more expensive and flashy printing like what is used for these fliers.  All I want is detailed information, save the photos of the kids and elderly, I already know and care about them.

Newark, Ohio Library Ad
Newark, Ohio Library Ad Received 29 March, 2010.

Newark, Ohio Library Ad March 29, 2010

Shepard Auto Care – Newark, Ohio Mechanic Starts Website

Shepard Auto Care on the south side of Newark, Ohio, started a new website. They have taken notice of the advantages that even a simple startup website can have for a business. My friend brought the website to my attention to the website after having car work done and returning a satisfied customer.

The website has the ability to contact the shop, ask questions and to make an appointment for repairs. Money-saving coupons are on the website too. Shepard has some great people and they’re website shows that they’re doing their best to do things right.

As a side note for those of you starting your own business websites. I can tell that Shepard has invested at least a few dollars in his website. This is good and it will pay off for him in time, but look at a Newark, Ohio resident’s reference to the good car service he received. This reference ranks second in the Google search “auto care newark ohio”.  Your customers are worth more than you think, especially if they blog!

In Conclusion

If you have any Newark, Ohio links or stories you want me to post, send them to me. I’m always happy to get them.

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