Newsletter Feb 24, 2010

Newark, Ohio Links has continued progress and I’m happy to say that more and more links are not links that I have found, but rather those that have been submitted. Thanks to those that submitted and I hope that the link helps you get some good interest and traffic in your websites.

Country Cupboard In Downtown Newark, Ohio

Country Cupboard is the latest addition that was added when they found me. (Please forgive my excitement over something this simple, but it’s taken much time and work work to get to this point.) Country Cupboard does many things, but what I always enjoyed was their salad bar. It’s not just a salad bar, it has everything. You can load up your your plate and take it with you so that you have your lunch and healthy snacks for the rest of the day all on one plate. The ladies working there are really nice and they appreciate your business. I highly recommend checking out their offerings. Sometimes their hours are a little strange, but they cater too, so they have to juggle their efforts at times.fsd

Wayward Political Blogging On The Advocate

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I’ve tried to stay away from political blogging because opinions are rarely changed, very rarely does anything amount to more than a pointless hooray-for-my-side rant, and it’s a serious time-waster in general. I took an interest when the Newark Advocate struck up some chords with the Licking County Animal Shelter. By the end of the discussions, I had been called many names, Dodgeball Player, being my favorite (I was always horrible at Dodgeball). I had proven that a complaint that the shelter was hiding misdeeds because they required volunteers to consent to a form was frivolous. I had been called a homophobe because I presented my opinion that is inline with many thousand officers that feel that open homosexuality in the ranks will cause a burden on the military.

I went into these discussions knowing that I had something to offer. I knew I could prove that the there were baseless accusations on the animal shelter and I have military service and understand the harsh situations that combat arms soldiers are presented with. I don’t want to do one thing to add to their burdens and I don’t think that people understand what a culture shift like open homosexuality does to add to their burdens. I don’t think any of the goals were accomplished. The only thing that may have been accomplished was that I assured others that feel the same way that I do that they are not alone, a service of which I’m sure they didn’t need.

I also learned that local Newark, Ohio politics are nasty on the web! My suggestion, go ahead and read the comments at the Advocate for entertainment value only. Once you get pulled into the discussion, you’ll be forced to explain your position over and over with numerous examples. They will pick apart each one with no substantiation and try to end any opposition by simply calling you stupid(or a vulgar synonym of stupid).

The only good that I see from blogging on newspapers is that reporters are forced to face the opinions of others, no matter how outlandish they may be. I have noticed that the majority of comments will lean towards or add to the reporters side of the story. If you want to have fun, just throw in a comment that leans the other way. It’s a great way to find out what the favorite term for those with you view is.

So for any of people who followed me on The Advocate, I’m not a hating Homophobe, I’m not mean to puppies, and I’ll let you decide my intelligence level for yourself.

Snow In Newark, Ohio

Newark, Ohio’s plow crews are notoriously inadequate. They gave a long winded reason as to why by comparing themselves to Heath. The take-away from this was that there really aren’t many plans for change and that people should just do what they can themselves. Any private person that destroys any public property(curbs, power poles, etc.) is liable for damage.

Keep this in mind when you see the costs for a private company you may hire to plow for you. The risks are substantial and they must pay for insurance to cover this. Many plow companies use their trucks for other things throughout the year and use the plowing to substain them through the winter. Some winters may not provide enough income to support the side business, so that moves the price up as well. Since snow plow businesses come from many different types of business(excavating, towing, landscape, etc.), use the link search function with the word “snow” in the search to find them.

As always, contact me with any comments or suggestions and if you want to add a link related to Newark, Ohio, you can do it here. Thanks for the continued support of Newark, Ohio Links!

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