Newark, Ohio Schools Put Uniform Policy In Place. Everyone Gets What They Deserve.

Newark, Ohio’s School Board approved a uniform policy that will go into effect in the fall. In brief, students can wear khaki or black pants, shorts and skirts, no jeans or sweatpants, and polo or button-up shirts in solid white, crimson, black or gray. Their is an option of wearing sweaters or sweatshirts with approval. Not that tough to follow.

After reading the outrageous comments in the local news, I found a positive in this otherwise useless policy. Everyone is getting what they deserve. Everyone.

  • The school board gets a policy that will divert attention from all matters of substance. While parents are busy complaining about this, the school board can do as it pleases and nobody will notice. They deserve this break because they deal with parents that dwell on trivial matters instead of important ones all of the time.
  • The faculty won’t be able to enforce this much better than they could enforce the original code. They’re going to pull their hair out trying to make this work. They’re going to pull their hair out trying to make this appear as a stunning success with any figure they can find. They are at least going to have to try and make something look like it’s improved. The faculty deserves this.
  • Parents will have to buy certain clothes. A change in  routine, but hardly an inconvenience for parents. They won’t have to argue about what is appropriate when they shop for their children. Bad parents may get their first taste of telling their children, “No”. They can choose to blame the schools, but why not take advantage of it and just tell them, “No!”. Parents are digging for excuses for why this isn’t fair for their kid, yet some of them were willing to send their kids to school with inappropriate clothing. Those who just comply will not have any problem. Parents deserve this.
  • Kids can forget about being trendy and risky with the fashion choices at school. They can get a taste of why who you vote for IS important. They are going to learn who is really on their side. The parents didn’t make this decision. This is what a controlling government does. The kids couldn’t behave with the old dress code and many tend to buy the liberal agenda that this policy serves. They deserve this.
  • Everyone involved gets to blame somebody else for the policy. The board can blame the parents. The parents can blame the board, the faculty can blame everybody, and the kids can blame the faculty that must enforce this.

So everyone involved with the schools, when everybody loses, everybody gets what they deserve. Enjoy!

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