Newark, Ohio Links March 7th, 2010 Newsletter

Licking County CTEC Asking For Another Levy

After a few years of completely botching a levy passed for a new building and updates, Licking County’s C-TEC Vocational School is asking for more funds. They’re threatening to cut many staff and classes if they don’t get the money to make up for the losses resulting from mismanagement of funds during their buildings construction. The plan is to just pass the losses to the taxpayer.

The efforts include the usual tactics: Send out very expensive glossy brochures that explain very little, get the message out to students that their parents don’t care about them if they don’t vote for the levy, and explain that it’s only $30/year for a $100,000 home to support the levy. I really hate these tactics because they contain so little substance. They put me on the defensive as soon as I see them.

The correct way for C-TEC to approach the public would be to explain what they did wrong, explain the changes they’ll make to financially correct those mistakes, and explain what sacrifices the employees have taken to assist. None of this is being done. There isn’t one word on the C-TEC website explaining anything. They’re going to leave that up to reporters at the local newspaper. We’ll get nothing of substance. They will not get my vote.

Passing a levy is not always support for a school. For example, C-TEC is talking about eliminating their acting classes. When has the local business community in Newark, Ohio been in need of an actor? As C-TEC has shown, passing a levy can actually give them just enough rope to hang themselves.

Winter Driving School

I’ve seen many, many accidents this year. I don’t think there was one that I would claim to not be preventable. It’s really sad to see this happen so much when it is almost always avoidable. Instead of preaching, let me point you to the Mid-Ohio Race Course Driving School. This is a great school for kids and adults. They teach a driver extreme driving skills, which is actually what you need to survive snow conditions. Basic driving school simply isn’t enough. This school is expensive, but well worth it. What does a car accident cost?

Conceal Carry Laws

gun in the hand
Know Your Gun Rights

I noticed from local newspaper comments that there is a huge interest in Concealed Carry Laws. Personally, I feel that we have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, so no further registration should be necessary. I don’t conceal a weapon, so I don’t have a need for the license. For those that do wish to carry and perform their right and duty to protect themselves, there here is a link to Ohio concealed carry instructors.

Judging from the posts I’ve seen, there is a huge amount of disinformation about concealed carry. Some even believe that it’s a dangerous menace for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Even if you’re not interested in carrying a gun, some time spent researching the real statistics will ease your fears. More and more criminals are being stopped dead(literally) through the common licensed gun carrier. An armed society is a polite society.

As always, more and more links are going up all of the time. More businesses are finding great ways to utilize better websites and social networking to get the word out about their business. Keep looking for better business websites in the directory. I will be highlighting some of them soon.

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