Newark, Ohio, It’s OK To Be A Little Angry.


County courthouse in Newark.
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Newark, Ohio‘s Bloggers are few. I don’t know why, but they are. If they’re not, they don’t make it known that they’re from Newark. Recently, I’ve seen a surge of bloggers, primarily business people. I’ve noticed this surge after I’ve seen a push by “branding” specialists that it’s a good idea to get involved with social websites and blogging. This is good news, but the blogs get a little odd.

A few have posted many times that they are tired of the negative blogging. They want to only push positive posts. I find this a negative in and of itself. They’re going to tire of only looking for positive things to say when the world itself just isn’t 100% positive.

Look at Newark’s history. We live in a once productive town that was at the top of the Glass, Metal, Aerospace, and even home appliance industries! Today, we’re reduced to a rusting giant basket, and a few remnants of the past that are barely hanging on. You’re going to have a little negativity when you discuss solutions to this problem.

When you bring up government solutions, expect some serious backlash. Currently, one of the areas only promising companies, ArmorSource, is facing a serious situation where possible corruption is placing them in jeopardy. The Army is considering tossing $25 million dollars worth of ArmorSource gear into the trash can and favoring other companies who have fondled the Obama administration more to their liking. Don’t ask us to look to the government as a solution to anything and don’t expect everyone to consider their involvement in anything as a positive.

We’re looking at downtown renovations orchestrated by a select few wealthy people. These people did not get wealthy through the productive engines that Newark was accustomed to. Some invested heavily in organizations that took an active part in shipping our jobs overseas. Some of these wealthy people gained their seed start-up money by scavenging from the remnants of a once great town. This may not make them bad people, but it certainly brings up questions as to their best interests for the people of Newark, Ohio. Don’t expect full positive compliance with their wishes.

Don’t take every disagreement as a negative. It’s not. It’s a disagreement. Don’t take every view of non-compliance as an attack, it’s not. It’s healthy debate. We have the technology to debate on a level never seen before. You’re not going to squelch it by just “being positive”.

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