February 7, 2010 Newark, Ohio Links Newsletter

Finally a decent snow! I was glad to see a good one come to Central Ohio and I’ll be glad to see it go. The sled riding, bad drivers in ditches, getting cold and warming up with hot coffee, what more could we ask for. I hope all enjoyed it. Having it hit on the weekend was another plus.

Gas Stations Added

Newark, Ohio Gas Stations

If you’re wondering why I added gas station websites to the directory, I was also. We all know where they’re at and there are many websites that will tell you the price of their gasoline. After visiting a few, it became clear that cost saving offers and credit lines are a few reasons you may want to know.  There is tight competition with gas stations and sometimes they cannot lower the price of the fuel, but they can offer reward points and other incentives to get you to shop there. Sometimes the incentives save more money than searching for cheaper fuel.

Chain Fast Food Restaurants Added

lunch  time snack cheese and ham roll

I added more chain fast food restaurants for the same reasons that I added gas stations. If you haven’t checked their websites lately, you can find some really good specials from their websites. You can also find all of the nutrition information quickly. For example, Sonic doesn’t have hardly anything under 700 calories! There’s not much use stopping there unless you really have room for it.






Licking County Animal Shelter

This week was a tough news week for the Licking County Animal Shelter.  Some animal rights activists got a copy of surveillance video from through a Freedom Of Information Act clause. From what I can see, the video is just the job that you would expect to be done at an animal shelter, but the animal rights folks are in an uproar. They’re calling for some Licking County employees to lose their positions because they feel that this was inhumane treatment.

The point I take from it all is that the Animal Shelter is a horrible end for an animal and that we should all do what we can to keep animals out of them. I don’t buy dogs when there are so many available from homes that can no longer maintain pets and dogs in shelters. I find it a waste to promote breeding for money when there are dogs that will do just fine awaiting a horrible death.

I think that it should be a law that all pets are spayed or neutered unless one pays for a special breeders license to cover the costs for the problems over-population presents.

I have to fine mutts that were destined for the animal shelter that are GREAT dogs. I had another for 14 years that was destined for doom before we answered the “free to good home” ad as well.  I had dogs before that who were “rescued” as well. They have all been as fine as pets as any pure-bred I’ve seen. You can find pure-bred dogs that need a home too though. Please consider these dogs before supporting a breeder. You won’t regret it.

I’ll close this newsletter with an excellent local photographer’s website, Randy Lust Photography. He does an excellent job utilizing his camera and software to produce some stunning images and he makes his own wooden frames for sale too!

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