Everyone Needs A Website

Why would everyone need a website? Sounds crazy right? For example, let’s say you are a car mechanic and you’ve been employed at the same auto dealership for 15 years. You can probably translate this situation to many other professional fields. Your company gets all of your clients for you and you only focus on providing the best repairs that you can. When you go home at night, you want to enjoy your family life. What in the world are you going to use a website for?

Defense is the best reason to have a website. The best reason for a website is the exact opposite that the pundits warn you about. “Don’t put information on the web and your safe!”, is the idea we would all prefer. Ok, so you bury your head in the sand and never worry about the Internet. You never even search your name in Google to see what others are saying about you. Then, a customer requests that any mechanic but you performs work on their car. You’re stunned! You’re put an enormous amount of effort into doing your job well and you don’t understand. You find out that a competing business has an employee that posted numerous false statements about you on the Internet. So many that people are believing it! You have absolutely no place to explain the accusations and there is nothing else available that explains the bogus posts. If you had maintained a website, you could explain what people are seeing and you’re website would stand a good chance of being top on any searches for you.

Popularity is another reason. You’re a great mechanic and responsible family man and you want people to know it. You don’t have to brag, just some information about what you have accomplished and that you do this work for your family. A simple website like this will win over many people. You don’t have to give any details about your family or detailed credentials. ASE certifications, years on the job, specialties, etc. will go a long ways and a few personal things like, “Here’s my prized Mustang.”, let people know that you enjoy life and have some wholesome interests.

Employment advancement can silently occur from a website alone. Your boss or future employer may look at your website and realize that you are a proud and professional person. It may give a current boss a reason to strike up a conversation and get to understand you as a person in a way that might be awkward otherwise. A future employer notices you at least have the tech skills to put up a website, so you’re not afraid of a keyboard. He also sees that you put effort into your image to others.

There are more reasons, like networking with others in your profession, but I would say those are side benefits. This article addressed why you need a website. So long as you keep all of your information positive, there’s nothing to fear by using a website. You struggle to decide what to put on it, but there are professional web services that can help and you can refer to other similar websites to get started. Prices range from free to many thousands, but free and inexpensive offerings are what most people need. By far, my favorite free way for anyone to have a website is Google Sites.

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