Central Ohio’s Licking Valley High School Prom Fiasco

Licking Valley has it’s share of problems and now they can’t even have a prom. There is a strange dynamic at the school that I just couldn’t figure out until the prom fiasco came about. The most common known dynamic of the school is sports. That is THE main focus. I can only think of one other school in the area  that has as much focus on sports.

How do I think that has any effect on the prom? With so much emphasis on sports, this gives only a handful of kids any real pride in the school. If you’re on the team, you have a little. If you’re a star player, the world is your oyster – at least until you graduate and find out that anyone outside of this area could care less. I think this leaves the rest of the kids longing to make a difference and it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.

The administration informed the kids that there would be no “grinding” at the prom and it caused a huge debate after the news hit the paper. After watching comments in the newspaper blogs and talking to others, I’m seeing the common thread that these kids feel that they did their own thing and they’re proud of it. They told the school what they thought of them by having their own prom. They weren’t going to take the abuse of being told that they can’t rub private parts! Who is the school to tell them such a thing? I understand everything about this. Deprived kids, mad at authority, and they weren’t going to take anymore. They were going to make a stand about something. Kids being kids, chose to draw the line at “grinding at the prom”.

Most normal parents would tell their children, “Sorry, you’ll have to live with the rules or not go.”. That didn’t happen! This is where things start getting really strange. The parents assisted in setting up an “alternative” prom. What parent would want LESS involvement from the school in the matters of kids rubbing privates at a public event?

To prevent evidence and lawsuits, the parents asked all media to leave after the music started and asked everyone not to take photos. Wise choice! Imagine the lawsuits and criminal accusations. 20 parents chaperoned and it’s been said by attendees that the parents even got out there and did a little grinding of their own. I think we’ve zeroed in on what type of parents would chaperone and promote an alternative.

According to the alternative supporters, if you disagree, you’re just another prude. You’re a Holier-Than-Thou! You’re a Throw-Back. You belong in the Footloose movie. Ok then, sign me up to all of those. Kids saying this, I can understand, it’s the adults that I find clueless. Were any of you ever a teenager or did you do so many drugs that you’ve lost those years of your memory? Yes, kids will do what they do and it’s your job to guide them into adulthood. Telling them that authority should be over-ridden and that any moral decisions by authority should be ignored isn’t guidance.

I think that the motives of the parents are obvious and abhorrent. No need to state why I think a parent would want to oversee such an event. I know 20 parents that should not be trusted though!

The only good that comes from this is that the people who would promote this type of thing are identified. Folks, you know who they are and what they stand for and it’s not freedom and good times. This is not the church against rock n’ roll like on Footloose. If what the school was enforcing was shown on Footloose, it would have been an X-rated movie. The other good that has come of this is that the majority of parents and students at Licking Valley did not participate in this and they have shown enough backbone to stand up to the craziness.

The students that participated in the alternative events are claiming a victory. From their government mandated “bully” training, they have identified the school administration as “bullies”. Ironic isn’t it. Does anyone understand why I’m against “bully” training in it’s current form now?

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