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The Old Newark Advocate Building Demolished

In January 2017, the old Newark Advocate News building was demolished.

Old Newark Advocate Newspaper Building

The Old Newark Advocate Newspaper Building Entrance

As Of 11 January, 2017, crews were working on filling in the basement.

Old Newark Advocate Building is demolished.

The old Newark Advocate Newspaper Building is demolished in January 2017.

The Sunset Inn In Hebron, Ohio.

Just west of Hebron, Ohio on Route 40, The National Road, there is a great little family owned restaurant. I found this restaurant when I stopped with a friend returning home from a trip from Columbus. After being in Columbus, we thought it be nice to go somewhere a little less crowded than usual and thought that there may be a chance that there was real food here. We were right! Real food and real people. We had interrupted the beginning of their private Christmas party, but they welcomed us in to eat anyhow. 

The Sunset Inn restaurant in Hebron, Ohio.

The Sunset Inn On Route 40 west of Hebron, Ohio.

The first thing that they did was find out our names and where we were from. They were extremely friendly. The food was home-cooked and delicious. I’m not sure how I missed this place in the past. It is a little out of the way and in an unassuming building, but don’t let it fool you. This place is well worth a stop.

I’m not one for the finer details of restaurants. I simply tell it like I see it and make sure that readers know that I am not a food critic. has a much more thorough article on The Sunset Inn. She enjoyed their frog leg dinner and provides some photos. 

The Sunset Inn is a family owned operation and that makes me want to support them even more. In the hyper-competitive business of restaurants, they keep their prices very reasonable. Give them a try. 

Butcher Family Maple Products. Local And Family Owned Business

Being the first somewhat warm day in March and anxious to find something to do and found a maple syrup tour where all the major maple product producers in Ohio were offering tours. I’ve been to Dawes Arboretum before and seen their old fashioned process. It’s interesting, but I also noticed a family owned operation located between Mount Vernon and Granville called Butcher Family Maple Products.  After a nice country ride, we were greeted by members of the Butcher family and given a full tour.

Maple syrup production facility.

The maple syrup processing facility at Butcher Family Maple Products.

They were collecting syrup from every maple tree on their farm and from across the road. There is even a line running under the road to pump sap to the facility from area across the road. This photo shows the huge network of lines in the woods.

Lines connecting maple trees.

Lines connect every maple tree tap on the property.

Maple tree taps connected to bring in the sap to the facility.

Lines cross everywhere around the property and converge at a pump going to the processing facility.


Maple syrup evaporation equipment.

Evaporating equipment that removes the water from the sap and leaves only the syrup.

As you can see from the photo, this place is CLEAN! Before the sap reaches the evaporator there is a reverse osmosis process that removes much of the water. The remaining water is boiled off at this wood powered evaporator and goes into the white barrel. From the barrel, it goes through a filter for final output as maple syrup.

Real maple syrup products are not cheap, but I found Butcher’s prices to be lower than many that I’ve seen in stores. You can buy direct from the Butchers by purchasing online or using the contact information on their website.

Mr. Butcher is a resident of Newark, Ohio, a part-time firefighter in Alexandria, and a retired Columbus, Ohio fireman. All of the family were happy to answer questions and explain the process. The best part though was that they gave free samples and they were awesome. Try the samples and you’ll be hooked.

Ric Knight And T100.3 Supporting The Food Pantry Network.

“Support your local radio station and they’ll support you.”,  That’s the message I got from watching the T-100 crew  as they collected for the local food pantry in Newark, Ohio. 

In this age of digital distraction, there are many, many outlets to get your entertainment from, but radio remains not only entertaining, but important. Local, and I do stress LOCAL radio is an important link in any small community for so many reasons.

  • They’re here for emergencies when there is no power. 
  • The DJ’s aren’t just talking from some remote studio, they are members of  the community. They pay taxes. Their kids go to the same schools as yours. They buy from the same businesses that you do. I could go on and on. They really are the same as you and me and they share the same interest in the community that you do. 
  • They are a voice for you, not just corporate conglomerates. You tell them what you want to hear and what you need to know, not outside interests that are no part of the community. 
  • They are a local business and they support local businesses.
Ric Knight At Newark, Ohio Food Pantry Drive

Ric Knight preparing to broadcast at the T-100 broadcast to bring in donations for the local food pantry.


There are so many more reasons to support local radio, but things like a simple Christmas food drive on the square go to show what they’re all about. Radio DJ’s are having it tough these days. They’re being outsourced to save money. You’re probably heard some of these odd broadcasts from some stations using all syndicated/outsourced talent. Unless you just want to listen to music, they lack any entertainment or informative value. After listening to one of these stations, you realize how much you took for granted when the local stations ruled the airwaves. T-100 isn’t doing that and the quality of their broadcasts shows it.

If you missed the T-100 food drive, The Food Pantry will be on the square and you can go visit their website for more information on how to donate. The current economy is still leaving many with a dependency on the Newark, Ohio food pantry

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