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May 3, 2012 Website Update

There have been some improvements to the website. If you look at the Link Directory link in the toolbar of Newark, Ohio Links, you’ll find a few more ways to discover the websites connected to the city. They are organized in a few different ways and more will be added. 

The old link system was outdated and the new one is more flexible and easier to update. The admin will get instant notification when a bad link is found so the directory will stay updated with nothing but valid links. 

New websites that have been added are – 

The types of sites deleted due to failed websites – 

  • Geese Control Company
  • 1 Landscape company
  • Licking County Sports score website.
  • 4 Personal blogs that had either quit posting for years or were gone.
  • 1 bed and breakfast
  • 1 Hotel
  • 1 office supply store
  • 1 restaurant
  • 2 Bars
  • 1 clothing store
  • 1 Pizza restaurant
  • 1 Firearms instruction school.
  • 1 Travel Agency
  • 1 Golf Course
  • 1 Clothes Cleaner
  • 1 Tanning Salon

It’s sad to see so many sites leaving. Many are failed businesses and others are giving up on owning their own websites and resorting to the walled content at Facebook. As Facebook begins to lose followers, I expect to see some of these return to the benefits of owning their own website again. 

Some of the new websites are Yellowbook websites with nothing more than a few photos and a phone number. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. 

The new link system may not look much now, but I will phase in more functions later. It will also free up some time for other features that I’ve been wanting to add. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. 

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Massive Changes In The Link Directory

Something happened a few weeks ago that I’ve never seen before in keeping track of Newark, Ohio related links. At the same time, there was a large number of sites that disappeared and a large number that were added. Part of that may be due to websites expiring as 2012 started, part of it is because I had the time to look at every link, but that doesn’t explain all of it.

Some, but not many, of the links that have left have switched to using social media, primarily Facebook. I can see the appeal in being able to easily post for free, but I think that in the coming years, these businesses will regret that decision. Starting a WordPress blog is nearly as easy and the return over time will be greater. It’s always wise to own your own content and Facebook owns everything that you place on their pages. 


Due to these large volumes of changes I’m working on converting my old system to a newer system for keeping track of the link directory. This will mean an ever better organized list of active links. 

Here’s the list of recent changes:

Websites added:

Websites deleted:

  • Multiple catering businesses
  • Multiple churches
  • 1 Engineering firm
  • 1 radio station
  • 1 clothing manufacturer
  • 1 clothing cleaner
  • 1 embroidery company
  • 1 gift shop
  • 2 local blogs
  • 1 news website
  • 1 motorcycle repair website
  • 1 restaurant ceased to operate their website, but remain in business
  • 1 winery
  • 3 realtors
  • 1 property management group
  • 2 personal trainers
  • 4 websites supporting local sports teams
  • 1 firearms instruction school
  • 1 website hacked and unusable
  • 1 yoga center
  • 1 hockey team
  • Licking County Farm Bureau apparently chose to cease it’s own website, but larger organizational website exists.
  • 1 apple farm
  • 1 attorney
  • 1 junkyard
  • Multiple car repair garages
  • 1 Christian school
  • 1 child care center
  • 1 limo service
  • 1 rock band
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New Links For The Newark, Ohio Directory

I have quite a few new links added for this update.

In the Newark, Ohio Restaurant And Bars category:

In the Health category:

In the Non-Profit category:

In the Local Bloggers category:

In the Recreation, Sports And Leisure category:

In the Industry And Warehousing category:

In the Attorney And Legal category:

In the Financial category:

In the Photographers category:

In the Beauty And Barbershops category:

In Food category:

In the Retail category:

In the Artists And Galleries category:

The directory is at a total of 840 active links with only a small percent of the links not belonging to businesses, individuals, or organizations in the immediate vicinity of Newark, Ohio. As always, I’m looking for more to add and I always appreciate any help with errors or omissions.

Happy New Year’s and best wishes to all for 2012.


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New Links For The Directory

Here’s another update for the Newark, Ohio Links directory. If I’ve missed a link that you know about feel free to contact the site and let me know about it. I’m happy to say that I have removed far fewer websites than usual. Those that I found to be dead links were primarily small bed and breakfast businesses in the Newark, Ohio lodging category. Some of the new sites are really well done. It’s great to see businesses finding out how inexpensive it is to create a good website with WordPress and Joomla. Some are still using some very expensive developers, so I hope that they follow up with content and make it worth their investment.

Licking County Courthouse Steps

Image via Wikipedia

The new links include:

  • White Feather Farms – A turkey farm in nearby Pataskala, Ohio.
  • Mid-Ohio Camper – Camper sales in Hebron, Ohio.
  • Discover Diving – Newark, Ohio diving gear and training. They also specialize in paintball gear and skateboards.
  • Edgewood Equestrian – Horse riding lessons and horse stables very close to Newark, Ohio.
  • Licking County Equestrian – Numerous services available for horses and riders. Vet services, stalls, arena area, and more.
  • The Grill’s Chophouse – steak restaurant in Downtown Newark, Ohio
  • The Grill’s Deli – Downtown Newark, Ohio deli.
  • Shepherd Hill – addiction treatment center in Newark, Ohio
  • Papa Foti’s Pizza – Heath, Ohio pizza shop
  • The Glass Guru – Glass repair and installation
  • Richardson Glass Repair – Glass repair company that’s been servicing Newark for a very long time.

As always, send local Newark, Ohio links if you have them. Always happy to post them.


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New Newark, Ohio Website Updates

The new websites for this update are:

In the automotive category:

In the pizza category:

In the health category:

In the Newark, Ohio Web Design Category

  • Exact Marketing Formula – Utica, Ohio based web designer and web promotion company. Careful! He’s new. These businesses should be thoroughly researched for buying their services.
  • Kaleb Designs – Again, research first.
  • Mid-Ohio IT – Again, research.

Newly Found Newark, Ohio Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Newark, Ohio Jaycees

New retail stores:

Licking County Agriculture Category:

  • Shaw’s Local Produce

Reference Websites:

  • Licking County Events – moderately accurate and up-to-date, but it’s just an automated service from what I can see.

 Hobbies And Crafts:

  • It’s My Bag – I saw this on the back of a car in town, so if anyone is wondering, advertising on a car does work for websites.

Home And Building:

  • RMSe – Retail store building and project management firm in Newark, Ohio



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The Latest Link Updates

This is another periodic update for my directory of websites that are active in Newark, Ohio. It’s part of my goal to maintain a list of active and useful websites. Some are new websites, but many have been around for a while. Many times they were submitted to the directory and I am just finding out about them. 

If you have a website, any mention on other websites helps promote it. If there is a local website that I have missed please submit it. If you’d like more than just a link submission, contact me and we can arrange to have more information posted. 

New websites –

I hate to post these, but websites and businesses to close. Some of these make no sense to me because they are maintaining active Facebook websites, but letting their valuable domain names and aged websites close. I do not think they understand the value of the investment of the old website, even if it wasn’t a great site. With WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other website systems that are available today, it’s easy to maintain a site that will outperform and coexist with a Facebook page and the cost is minimal. What are these companies  going to do when Facebook is no longer popular? If a website is maintained, it’s your property. With Facebook, your competitors are advertising on YOUR website! 

Here are the closed websites – 

  • The Midway Tap. Biker bar that is still operating in Newark, Ohio. 
  • Beckner’s House Of Rides. Custom motorcycle shop still operating a Facebook page. 
  • Mattingly Foods. I’m hoping tough times are not the cause. 
  • Country Music Fellowship Association
  • Got Junk. Apparently no longer services the Newark, Ohio area. 

Thanks to all who enjoy and support Newark, Ohio Links. I hope you continue to find the efforts here useful. The events continue to keep coming and the visits to see them are increasing. I hope the increased visits are also increasing the numbers attending the events. 

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Link Updates For July, 2011.

Here are the latest Newark, Ohio website additions found for the link directory.

No checks have been made recently for deleted websites. In this economy, I’m afraid to look. Fortunately, sites added always far outnumber the sites that are no longer working. Let’s hope that trend does not change.

Anyone who has a business should take a look at Phil’s Carpentry And Construction. I know, it’s not the flashiest website ever, but it’s effective and it’s free, not to mention easy to do. I found him through Facebook. Here’s a business that is not “tech” centered at all and they are effectively marketing their business for free using Facebook and Blogger. The only part of this website that costs money is the domain name and possibly any help that was used for the setup. No ongoing fees, no contract, no strings. They can even transfer this to a better platform and it will retain it’s place in the search engines. This is a prime example of what any business can and should do. 1 job from these efforts is a huge return on their investment.

I found The Ancient Ohio Trail website during a visit to the Newark, Indian Mounds. There is so much new information being uncovered about the Indian heritage in Ohio that it’s much more interesting than I remember during field trips in school. Be sure to check the website out.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and from the huge number of visitors in search of information on the local fireworks, I’m glad that the event section of the website helped you find what you were looking for. I enjoy posting the events, so keep the submissions coming.


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Promote Your Event On Newark, Ohio Links. It’s Free

I am always happy to add any events in the Newark, Ohio and surrounding areas. Send event information using the contact page and I will post it for you to the Newark, Ohio Events category and it will be included in the event calendar.

I have many of the popular events listed, but it’s tough to stay up-to-date with the poker runs and fundraisers that pop up frequently. I know volunteers put much time and effort into these and it can be costly and time consuming to advertise the events. I am getting frequent hits from searches for these events, so it’s worth your time to submit them here. Newark, Ohio Links is happy to help!

The only reason that the events page was started was out of aggravation with the local newspaper’s coverage. It’s discouraging to see that they have listed things like “$2 drink hours” as “events”. If you have a website with a better events listing than what is found here, feel free to send the link and it will be posted as well. Community garage sales for charity will be be accepted, as well as other charitable flea markets and sales, but non-charitable sales will not. Just about anything that is truly an “event” will be accepted.

Enjoy the links!

Newark, Ohio Links April, 2011 Updates

In the quest to keep Newark, Ohio Links current with websites that are coming and going that are related to our area, once again, here’s an update. This update is a compilation of new websites. These sites are either new, new to Newark, or they’ve just reached a level of recognition in the search engines that have enabled me to find them.

In the Newark, Ohio entertainment category –

In the Newark, Ohio Alumi category –

In the Newark, Ohio Restaurant category –

  • Paco’s Tacos
  • Dal Cielo’s

In the Newark, Ohio Motorcycle category –

  • The Iron Pony – not in Newark, but the closest store of it’s type near us.

In the Newark, Ohio Plumbing And Heating category –

In the Wineries category –

In  the Agriculture category –

Coming to Newark, Ohio’s Retail Stores Soon –

It’s no surprise that alcohol establishments like the wineries are gaining ground in tough times. I did find it interesting that farms are increasingly using websites. Farmer’s have been quick to adopt many advantages that the Internet gives them to support their business, but they’ve been slow to add their own websites. I’m glad to see the trend reversing. As for the new retail stores, we’re glad to see them come, but everyone wishes there were more profitable job ventures being created. We can hope that the owners of these store are optimistic about the economic outlook for the area. They could be a sign that the situation is finally changing.

Links for the site can be submitted here. I’m happy to add anything related to Newark, Ohio. I’m hesitant to add links that are not directly related to at least the Licking County, Ohio area, but I will if the there is no local comparable service available.


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Upcoming Plans For Newark, Ohio Links

I would like to let everyone know that we now have a forum. Just another way of trying to open networking in our community with yet another tool. There is also a Twitter page and a Facebook page. Everything is set up, now to keep working on content.

Numerous additions have been made to the agriculture section and to the lodging section. The number of area websites keeps increasing at a rapid rate. This is great! I’m glad to see people realizing the power of technology and utilizing it to enrich their lives for business and personal reasons.

I remember a time not to long ago when a person with a website was considered a geek. Nearly everyone has one now, at least in the form of a Facebook or Myspace page. Soon, I am going to be explaining the good and the bad of the websites I’m seeing listed. No, I’m not going to tell you about how dangerous it is to put personal info on a website. I’m going focus on some of the good and bad I’m seeing in the listings. Some topics will be:

  • Who needs a website and why. (The answer is almost everyone.)
  • Why high cost web design isn’t required anymore.
  • How to get into the game with free and low cost websites.
  • The type of design and information that should be used for your website.
  • How to use any web communication to your benefit, even the average Joe.

There’s many things happening on the Internet that will effect our lives in Newark, Ohio and Newark, Ohio Links is a good way to stay current with the action.

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