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May 3, 2012 Website Update

There have been some improvements to the website. If you look at the Link Directory link in the toolbar of Newark, Ohio Links, you’ll find a few more ways to discover the websites connected to the city. They are organized in a few different ways and more will be added. 

The old link system was outdated and the new one is more flexible and easier to update. The admin will get instant notification when a bad link is found so the directory will stay updated with nothing but valid links. 

New websites that have been added are – 

The types of sites deleted due to failed websites – 

  • Geese Control Company
  • 1 Landscape company
  • Licking County Sports score website.
  • 4 Personal blogs that had either quit posting for years or were gone.
  • 1 bed and breakfast
  • 1 Hotel
  • 1 office supply store
  • 1 restaurant
  • 2 Bars
  • 1 clothing store
  • 1 Pizza restaurant
  • 1 Firearms instruction school.
  • 1 Travel Agency
  • 1 Golf Course
  • 1 Clothes Cleaner
  • 1 Tanning Salon

It’s sad to see so many sites leaving. Many are failed businesses and others are giving up on owning their own websites and resorting to the walled content at Facebook. As Facebook begins to lose followers, I expect to see some of these return to the benefits of owning their own website again. 

Some of the new websites are Yellowbook websites with nothing more than a few photos and a phone number. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. 

The new link system may not look much now, but I will phase in more functions later. It will also free up some time for other features that I’ve been wanting to add. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. 

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Granville, Ohio Art Fair

I visited the 2010 Granville Art Fair and had a very good time. There were many artists selling their crafts, food, and music. The event was free.

Artists presented such crafts as copper yard art, cement yard art, turned wood bowls and kitchen utensils, blown glass, photography, paintings, jewelry, and more. I even seen art made from soft water conditioners.

Two artists I found interesting were Earl Duck and Rick Mock. Earl Duck had many paintings from the local area and upstate New York. We talked a short while about the places the drawings were from. Great guy to talk to. Rick Mock was pretty busy when I went buy, but looking at his graphic design work was interesting. I don’t mean to belittle their website efforts, but their websites do not do their work justice. The real deal is much more impressive. I’ve never tried to digitize a canvas painting and place it on a website, but the web representations of the art aren’t even close.

I’m not sure what the rules are for an art show? I don’t know if an artist is happy to have you put a photo of their work on a website or not? I didn’t want to offend any of the artists, so I’ll only post a few photos. Enjoy.

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Newark, Ohio Strawberries On The Square Festival

Newark, Ohio‘s Strawberries On The Square Festival is notorious for the one out of many vendors that sells strawberry shortcake and the large crowds of rednecks. I don’t have anything against rednecks, I’ve even been called one a few times, but this is like a yearly Mecca for rednecks. Every stereotype you’ve ever heard is proudly displayed. There are more rebel flags flown here than the entire Confederate Army had.

This year, one more stereotype was added when a high wind storm knocked trailers around. Not a tornado, but close. Here’s some photos of the storm damage and The Strawberry Festival.

Newark, Ohio 2010 Strawberry On The Square Storm And Festival

High winds hit Newark, Ohio during the 2010 Strawberry Festival

View photos at SmugMug

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Newark, Ohio Links Newsletter For March 28, 2010

Newark, Ohio Links continues to evolve. More websites have been added and some additional functions added. The website is gaining traffic at a steady pace. It’s taken quite an effort to build, so I’m happy to see improvements. Websites take patience and work and I enjoy the challenge.

There is now an events listing. I’ve noticed that other websites fill it up with to many small events. Taco night every Wednesday at a restaurant is not an “event” to most of us. I’m going to be looking for the big events to fill there, but I’ll ad any reasonable events that I’m sent.

The Newark, Ohio Library Seeks Additional Funds

I’ve been hearing about the levy for the Newark, Ohio Library, but there is no mention of the Licking County library levy on their website. One would think this would be on the front page and that they would be proud to explain their financial situation. They are the information center of the county right?

Don’t get me wrong, we should all support the library. It’s the only good resource we have locally for books and it saves anyone seeking information time and money. My problem is that they are asking for funds, but they are not giving any specifics as to what the funds will be used for. If you look at the back page of the flier, they only give very broad explanations.

Below are the ads that I received today. They tell what they did in the past. They inform us that the state is making a 25% cut in their funding. They do not tell us exactly what will be cut, how much of their funding comes from the state, or what they intend to do with the increase we will pay with our tax dollars. I hope it will not be for more expensive and flashy printing like what is used for these fliers.  All I want is detailed information, save the photos of the kids and elderly, I already know and care about them.

Newark, Ohio Library Ad
Newark, Ohio Library Ad Received 29 March, 2010.

Newark, Ohio Library Ad March 29, 2010

Shepard Auto Care – Newark, Ohio Mechanic Starts Website

Shepard Auto Care on the south side of Newark, Ohio, started a new website. They have taken notice of the advantages that even a simple startup website can have for a business. My friend brought the website to my attention to the website after having car work done and returning a satisfied customer.

The website has the ability to contact the shop, ask questions and to make an appointment for repairs. Money-saving coupons are on the website too. Shepard has some great people and they’re website shows that they’re doing their best to do things right.

As a side note for those of you starting your own business websites. I can tell that Shepard has invested at least a few dollars in his website. This is good and it will pay off for him in time, but look at a Newark, Ohio resident’s reference to the good car service he received. This reference ranks second in the Google search “auto care newark ohio”.  Your customers are worth more than you think, especially if they blog!

In Conclusion

If you have any Newark, Ohio links or stories you want me to post, send them to me. I’m always happy to get them.

Newark, Ohio Links March 7th, 2010 Newsletter

Licking County CTEC Asking For Another Levy

After a few years of completely botching a levy passed for a new building and updates, Licking County’s C-TEC Vocational School is asking for more funds. They’re threatening to cut many staff and classes if they don’t get the money to make up for the losses resulting from mismanagement of funds during their buildings construction. The plan is to just pass the losses to the taxpayer.

The efforts include the usual tactics: Send out very expensive glossy brochures that explain very little, get the message out to students that their parents don’t care about them if they don’t vote for the levy, and explain that it’s only $30/year for a $100,000 home to support the levy. I really hate these tactics because they contain so little substance. They put me on the defensive as soon as I see them.

The correct way for C-TEC to approach the public would be to explain what they did wrong, explain the changes they’ll make to financially correct those mistakes, and explain what sacrifices the employees have taken to assist. None of this is being done. There isn’t one word on the C-TEC website explaining anything. They’re going to leave that up to reporters at the local newspaper. We’ll get nothing of substance. They will not get my vote.

Passing a levy is not always support for a school. For example, C-TEC is talking about eliminating their acting classes. When has the local business community in Newark, Ohio been in need of an actor? As C-TEC has shown, passing a levy can actually give them just enough rope to hang themselves.

Winter Driving School

I’ve seen many, many accidents this year. I don’t think there was one that I would claim to not be preventable. It’s really sad to see this happen so much when it is almost always avoidable. Instead of preaching, let me point you to the Mid-Ohio Race Course Driving School. This is a great school for kids and adults. They teach a driver extreme driving skills, which is actually what you need to survive snow conditions. Basic driving school simply isn’t enough. This school is expensive, but well worth it. What does a car accident cost?

Conceal Carry Laws

gun in the hand
Know Your Gun Rights

I noticed from local newspaper comments that there is a huge interest in Concealed Carry Laws. Personally, I feel that we have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, so no further registration should be necessary. I don’t conceal a weapon, so I don’t have a need for the license. For those that do wish to carry and perform their right and duty to protect themselves, there here is a link to Ohio concealed carry instructors.

Judging from the posts I’ve seen, there is a huge amount of disinformation about concealed carry. Some even believe that it’s a dangerous menace for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Even if you’re not interested in carrying a gun, some time spent researching the real statistics will ease your fears. More and more criminals are being stopped dead(literally) through the common licensed gun carrier. An armed society is a polite society.

As always, more and more links are going up all of the time. More businesses are finding great ways to utilize better websites and social networking to get the word out about their business. Keep looking for better business websites in the directory. I will be highlighting some of them soon.

Newsletter Feb 24, 2010

Newark, Ohio Links has continued progress and I’m happy to say that more and more links are not links that I have found, but rather those that have been submitted. Thanks to those that submitted and I hope that the link helps you get some good interest and traffic in your websites.

Country Cupboard In Downtown Newark, Ohio

Country Cupboard is the latest addition that was added when they found me. (Please forgive my excitement over something this simple, but it’s taken much time and work work to get to this point.) Country Cupboard does many things, but what I always enjoyed was their salad bar. It’s not just a salad bar, it has everything. You can load up your your plate and take it with you so that you have your lunch and healthy snacks for the rest of the day all on one plate. The ladies working there are really nice and they appreciate your business. I highly recommend checking out their offerings. Sometimes their hours are a little strange, but they cater too, so they have to juggle their efforts at times.fsd

Wayward Political Blogging On The Advocate

golden Blog text on white background - 3d illu...

I’ve tried to stay away from political blogging because opinions are rarely changed, very rarely does anything amount to more than a pointless hooray-for-my-side rant, and it’s a serious time-waster in general. I took an interest when the Newark Advocate struck up some chords with the Licking County Animal Shelter. By the end of the discussions, I had been called many names, Dodgeball Player, being my favorite (I was always horrible at Dodgeball). I had proven that a complaint that the shelter was hiding misdeeds because they required volunteers to consent to a form was frivolous. I had been called a homophobe because I presented my opinion that is inline with many thousand officers that feel that open homosexuality in the ranks will cause a burden on the military.

I went into these discussions knowing that I had something to offer. I knew I could prove that the there were baseless accusations on the animal shelter and I have military service and understand the harsh situations that combat arms soldiers are presented with. I don’t want to do one thing to add to their burdens and I don’t think that people understand what a culture shift like open homosexuality does to add to their burdens. I don’t think any of the goals were accomplished. The only thing that may have been accomplished was that I assured others that feel the same way that I do that they are not alone, a service of which I’m sure they didn’t need.

I also learned that local Newark, Ohio politics are nasty on the web! My suggestion, go ahead and read the comments at the Advocate for entertainment value only. Once you get pulled into the discussion, you’ll be forced to explain your position over and over with numerous examples. They will pick apart each one with no substantiation and try to end any opposition by simply calling you stupid(or a vulgar synonym of stupid).

The only good that I see from blogging on newspapers is that reporters are forced to face the opinions of others, no matter how outlandish they may be. I have noticed that the majority of comments will lean towards or add to the reporters side of the story. If you want to have fun, just throw in a comment that leans the other way. It’s a great way to find out what the favorite term for those with you view is.

So for any of people who followed me on The Advocate, I’m not a hating Homophobe, I’m not mean to puppies, and I’ll let you decide my intelligence level for yourself.

Snow In Newark, Ohio

Newark, Ohio’s plow crews are notoriously inadequate. They gave a long winded reason as to why by comparing themselves to Heath. The take-away from this was that there really aren’t many plans for change and that people should just do what they can themselves. Any private person that destroys any public property(curbs, power poles, etc.) is liable for damage.

Keep this in mind when you see the costs for a private company you may hire to plow for you. The risks are substantial and they must pay for insurance to cover this. Many plow companies use their trucks for other things throughout the year and use the plowing to substain them through the winter. Some winters may not provide enough income to support the side business, so that moves the price up as well. Since snow plow businesses come from many different types of business(excavating, towing, landscape, etc.), use the link search function with the word “snow” in the search to find them.

As always, contact me with any comments or suggestions and if you want to add a link related to Newark, Ohio, you can do it here. Thanks for the continued support of Newark, Ohio Links!

February 7, 2010 Newark, Ohio Links Newsletter

Finally a decent snow! I was glad to see a good one come to Central Ohio and I’ll be glad to see it go. The sled riding, bad drivers in ditches, getting cold and warming up with hot coffee, what more could we ask for. I hope all enjoyed it. Having it hit on the weekend was another plus.

Gas Stations Added

Newark, Ohio Gas Stations

If you’re wondering why I added gas station websites to the directory, I was also. We all know where they’re at and there are many websites that will tell you the price of their gasoline. After visiting a few, it became clear that cost saving offers and credit lines are a few reasons you may want to know.  There is tight competition with gas stations and sometimes they cannot lower the price of the fuel, but they can offer reward points and other incentives to get you to shop there. Sometimes the incentives save more money than searching for cheaper fuel.

Chain Fast Food Restaurants Added

lunch  time snack cheese and ham roll

I added more chain fast food restaurants for the same reasons that I added gas stations. If you haven’t checked their websites lately, you can find some really good specials from their websites. You can also find all of the nutrition information quickly. For example, Sonic doesn’t have hardly anything under 700 calories! There’s not much use stopping there unless you really have room for it.






Licking County Animal Shelter

This week was a tough news week for the Licking County Animal Shelter.  Some animal rights activists got a copy of surveillance video from through a Freedom Of Information Act clause. From what I can see, the video is just the job that you would expect to be done at an animal shelter, but the animal rights folks are in an uproar. They’re calling for some Licking County employees to lose their positions because they feel that this was inhumane treatment.

The point I take from it all is that the Animal Shelter is a horrible end for an animal and that we should all do what we can to keep animals out of them. I don’t buy dogs when there are so many available from homes that can no longer maintain pets and dogs in shelters. I find it a waste to promote breeding for money when there are dogs that will do just fine awaiting a horrible death.

I think that it should be a law that all pets are spayed or neutered unless one pays for a special breeders license to cover the costs for the problems over-population presents.

I have to fine mutts that were destined for the animal shelter that are GREAT dogs. I had another for 14 years that was destined for doom before we answered the “free to good home” ad as well.  I had dogs before that who were “rescued” as well. They have all been as fine as pets as any pure-bred I’ve seen. You can find pure-bred dogs that need a home too though. Please consider these dogs before supporting a breeder. You won’t regret it.

I’ll close this newsletter with an excellent local photographer’s website, Randy Lust Photography. He does an excellent job utilizing his camera and software to produce some stunning images and he makes his own wooden frames for sale too!

Newsletter February 1, 2010

Newark, Ohio Links is up to 695 active links at Newark, Ohio Links. Since our last newsletter, there have been some additions, most notably, more blogs and feeds. We also had had some fun news as a Columbus, Ohio radio station started poking some good fun at our fair city. Newark, Ohio residents defended the city with a song of their own. You can hear the Newark, Ohio songs here.

Dog And Cat Immunization Clinic

I picked up this handy information from Craigslist about dog and cat vaccinations at Cherry Valley Animal Clinic. This looks handy for taking care or dogs and cats when money is tight or you don’t have time for normal business hours.

Cherry Valley Animal Clinic. Have your dog or cat vaccinated for $10.00 per vaccine. Every Wednesday 4-6p.m. No appointment needed. Cash only. Pet owners who do not have regular veternarians are encouraged to come. Please email for more information.

Joe McClain Scam Complaints

I received some nasty e-mails regarding some posts I wrote concerning Joe McClain. I can’t believe this guy has supporters! He ripped off the elderly, families with disabled children, and the poverty stricken, but his community of business associates still supports him? I won’t continue the craziness by posting the e-mails, but in short, people asked me nicely to “quit picking on him” because he’s in jail now. I was alerting the public to him and others like him. He’ll be out of jail soon and we all need to know about predators like him.

News Feeds Updated

If you haven’t been following the Newark, Ohio Links RSS Feeds, you may want to check them out. I was having trouble following those that user Blogger blogs, but I think we’ve found a fix. This will allow me to include many more blogs as I find them.

Links Not Related To Newark, Ohio?

I’ve been posting some links not related to Newark, Ohio. I do this to help with the entire experience of living here. There are many good aspects to living in a smaller city, but access to the best goods and services is not one of them. I try to fill those holes with links to goods and services where Newark either fails completely or just isn’t competitive.

Technology changes everything and learning what alternatives you have improves your lifestyle. Newark, Ohio Links attempts to keep up with those changes and post them as they happen.

If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me!

Mark Spearman, Webmaster at Newark, Ohio Links


This issue contains some new additons to Newark, Ohio Links. There have been many, but these are the ones I chose to highlight. The website is up to 690 active links now.

I’ve noticed a strong uptick on Facebook pages. Businesses are finding that Facebook pages are a very easy addition to online offerings and taking advantage. These pages work well for getting to know customers and it is easy to train many employees to make updates. There have even been some store specials on some Facebook pages, so they are worth keeping track of.

Here are your new links:

Columbus, Ohio Segway Tour is now operating.

Segway Tourists
Group enjoys a Segway tour.

photo credit: runneralan2004

Have you ever wanted to try a Segway? This looks like a good way to learn some more about Columbus and to give a Segway a spin at the same time. The price at the time of this posting is $55 for 2 hours.

Licco Has Online Store and Facebook Page

Licco is an organization that provides work to developmentally handicapped people. Like all good folks, they enjoy working to provide for themselves and for the feeling of accomplishment. You can support Licco by checking out their online store for garden tools, unique jewelry, cards, and more.

Licco used Joomla to create their online store. It’s a good example of an e-commerce system that is Open Source and free of charge. It takes a fair amount of skill to set one up, but the software is free.

Lazy River Campgrounds Is Now On Facebook

Does the middle of winter in Central Ohio have you dreaming of camping? Check out Lazy River campground’s Facebook page to see what the campground is preparing for this summer.

Wilson Garden Center Is Now On Facebook

Wilson Garden Center now has a Facebook page to help you with your gardening and to provide another way for you to find out more about their garden offerening.

Legend Valley Is Starting To Update Planned Concerts

It will not be long until Legend Valley starts up with their outdoor concert series again. Don’t forget to check their website for planned concert dates.

I’ll keep adding websites as I find them and I hope my readers and subscribers keep sending me more too.


Mark Spearman

Newark, Ohio Links

Newark, Ohio Links Newsletter January 11, 2010

The directory has grown to about 675 links. I’m happy to say that MANY are updating and I’ve had to delete very few. Many businesses are also adding Facebook and Twitter . The most prominent feature added is the blog. Blogs allow interaction that has come to be expected from all websites. No longer are static, “Here we are and here’s our phone number”, websites going to cut it for the new decade.

It’s a good idea to check out the websites in categories that interest you. For example, Mount Drilling offers a tutorial on how to chlorinate your well. Mount drilling has been to my house before after I nearly electrocuted myself trying to adjust my well pump and fried a few parts. Great folks and always willing to educate. In my case he went so far as to zap himself showing me what I did wrong! After re-gathering composure, he assured me not to worry, that happens all of time. 🙂 There’s a reason why I went into the computer field.

Vensil-Orr and Chute Funeral Home updated their website and it’s very useful. None of us like to think about death and when it happens, some of us really don’t know how it should be dealt with. I can tell they’re having growing pains with the website, so check back often if some unique features are failing. The most useful piece I found was the “funeral etiquette” section, but the link is currently not working. I’ve never done anything wrong, but I was never sure that I was acting right either. There were tips like calling the funeral home to find out the dress code. Some people request things like “no black” and who wouldn’t want to comply with a grieving family’s request? Good information.

Sadly, C-TEC offers no news on their website about the current court loss to Claggett and Sons. This irks me because as a taxpayer I want to know what the future plans are for the situation. I don’t want to read a Newark Advocate Reporter’s interpretation of the story, I want to hear it from the school official who is actually dealing with the problem. We pay for their website to get information, but none is offered. I do wish the best for this fine school, but I need information to decide how to stand on future issues.

You can try This Week for another news source for Newark and Central Ohio. It is refreshing to have a quick-loading site with all of the features you would expect for a news website. The Advocate is still a primary source of ever-increasing up to the minute area news, but they’re killing me with all of the ads. They could at least do away with the popups!

The Licking County Sheriff has placed an easy inmate search button on their front page. Need to find your favorite inmate or find out if that crazy neighbor is still in the pokey? There you go. It is interesting to see what folks are in for. Child support, domestic violence, and DUI’s are prevalent. Sign of the times. Don’t let things drive you to these extremes. Keep you and yours out of jail and act right. If you don’t I noticed plenty of rapists and murderers listed that you can spend time with instead of your family and friends. Take your pick.

The Newark Ohio Links Forum is not doing well. This is my first attempt at a forum so I need to do some research about how to make one take off. Currently, the spammers seem to be the only ones interested in it. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Until next time,

Mark Spearman

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