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Newark, Ohio Courthouse Repairs And Canal District Farmers Market Opening

Licking County Courthouse renovation and construction.

Licking County Courthouse undergoes renovation.

Construction began this week on the Licking County Courthouse. There are  many other improvements being done in downtown Newark, Ohio.

The first fully completed project will be the Canal District Farmers Market, a big win for EBT card holders as so much of the farmer’s market has been dedicated to their needs. This will be a welcome addition to an area with so many on the EBT system looking for ways to convert their taxpayer provided EBT food budgets into more than just what local grocers offer. There will be a token system in place that will allow EBT credit to be freely traded in creative ways at the market.

The market will provide an easy way for Canal Market District vendors to collect on the EBT system without the usual accountability procedures that restrict purchases at common retail outlets. The simple application process described on the Canal District website will be helpful for any vendor looking for an added revenue stream.

The community continues to look with wonder as each new phase of the downtown projects are revealed.

2012 Lighting Of The Courthouse In Newark, Ohio.

Santa Claus made his annual visit to Newark, Ohio to finish the job of lighting the courthouse. It’s the same problem every year, he has to get enough cheers from the crowd to get enough power to get the lights to come on. He succeeded again, so we’ll have a Christmas lights downtown for the Christmas Season once again.

First, he made his arrival on the fire truck.

Then, he got the help required from the cheering crowd to get the lights to come on.

If you missed The Lighting Of The Courthouse, try to make it next years. Until then, enjoy a month of the beautiful lights in Newark’s downtown.

New Year’s Eve At Cherry Valley Lodge In Newark, Ohio

December 31, 2011
9:00 pmto11:59 pm
English: Paul McCartney, George Harrison and J...

The Beatles tribute band British Invasion will play at Cherry Valley Lodge December 31, 2011. Image via Wikipedia

The Cherry Valley Lodge will host a New Year’s Eve Party featuring the act, The British Invasion, a Beatle’s tribute band.

The cost is $129 that includes dinner for 2, Champagne, party favors, and entertainment from the band from 9 p.m. to midnight. Overnight accommodations are available at an additional cost. Limited seats are available, so call for reservations.

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It’s Christmas Time In Newark, Ohio.

Newark, Ohio Courthouse Lit For Christmas

Licking County Courthouse Lit For 2011 Christmas Season

The 2011 Lighting Of the Courthouse event is over. Santa Claus arrived as scheduled for his annual visit to light the Licking County, Ohio Courthouse. As usual, there were a few technical glitches to work out, but with the help of the crowd cheering on, they got it lit and it will remain so for the rest of the Christmas season.

It’s become an annual tradition for Newark, Ohio to usher in the Christmas season with the lighting of the courthouse. Donations are made all year long and events like the Lite The Nite car show are held to pay for the lighting. The community makes quite an effort to ensure that this happens every year. The end result is a stunningly beautiful display and a fun memory made for everyone. 

Carolers sang while the crowd anxiously waited for Santa’s arrival. Santa made contact by radio and the fire truck had to pick him up after some difficulties with the sleigh. The fireman were happy to pick him up with the fire truck. I even seen Homeland Security there to ensure his safety. A police escort was also there to assist. 

If you’re town doesn’t have a Christmas tradition like Newark, Ohio, you’re missing out. It’s a great time kids and adults alike. Unlike big events, it’s just a few hours out of the season that’s for everyone, but especially the kids. What other time of year do kids get to see a large gathering of adults that are for the most part, just having fun? 

Here are some videos. Not the greatest quality, but good enough to get an idea of what the Christmas gathering in Newark, Ohio is all about. 

 Santa Arrives On The Fire Truck


The Crowd Must Cheer To Overcome The Technical Difficulties With The Lights. Happens Every Year.

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Taft Reserve. A Horse Park In Licking County, Ohio.

Taft Reserve is a park in the Licking County Park District. The trails are primarily for horses, but there are some sections only open to hiking.

Licking County, Ohio Park District's Taft Reserve Sign

Taft Reserve In Rural Licking County, Ohio near Newark.

I’d love to tell you more about Taft Reserve, but the specifics are constantly changing. Their website is lacking information and rules for all of the parks are constantly changing. This includes the times that they are open and the restrictions for horses depending on trail conditions. I think that all of this is due to lacking funds to support the parks, but who knows? There are phone numbers to call on their website.

I took my chances and found Taft Reserve open. It’s a nice trail for the exception of the horse droppings. For the most part, the trails are wide well-groomed tunnels through wooded areas. It appears to be a replanted area. I say this because of the strange types of trees arranged together. Some cherry trees trying to survive among oaks and maples, then a few evergreens. A few other types of trees have managed to grow, but for the most part there is a repeating pattern.

There was an abundant amount of birds and wildlife. Birdwatchers will be in heaven out here.

There are surrounding farms and from the looks I got, there suspicious of anyone venturing into the park. No greeting or anything, just a stare. Maybe I’m a shady looking character or something. 🙂

Here is a trail map and some photos of the trail.

Taft Reserve Map Near Newark, Ohio

Licking County, Ohio's Taft Reserve Trail Map.

Many of Taft Reserves trails are cleared in a way that provides a canopy for much of the hike. Really cool for bird watchers.

Horse Trail At Taft Reserve Park Near Newark, Ohio

Horse Trail At Taft Reserve Park Near Newark, Ohio

Upper Trail Near Farm At Taft Reserve Near Newark, Ohio.

Upper Trail Near Farm At Taft Reserve Near Newark, Ohio.

Licking County, Ohio Farm Near Taft Reserve Horse Park

Farm across the road from Taft Reserve Park In Licking County, Ohio

The park is located on Flint Ridge Road in between Linnville and Brownsville Roads.

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The Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve East Of Newark, Ohio.

Entrance To The Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve Near Newark, Ohio

Entrance To The Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve Near Newark, Ohio

The Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve just 8 miles east of Newark, Ohio is a nice place to ride bicycles, hike, birdwatch, or just relax and take in some natural scenery. The trails are close to the Licking River with some hilly paths to hike off of the main main bicycle path.

Be careful when biking as the trail has fallen into a slight state of needing repair. Also, take note of the park’s rules because some are not obvious. For example, if your child picks a few wildflowers, that could be a costly fine. Law enforcement is heavy looking for these minor infractions at times.

Except for the potholes, the trail is a safer one for very young bicyclists so long as they have adult supervision.

Blackhand Gorge Bike Trail Near Newark, Ohio in September.

Blackhand Gorge Bike Trail Near Newark, Ohio In September

Here’s an nice video of hiking in The Blackhand Gorge area.

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Photos From the 2011 Newark, Ohio Lite The Nite Car Show

Every year Newark, Ohio, in coordination with local car clubs, holds a Lite The Nite car show. Proceeds from the show go to help pay for the decorations that light the courthouse at Christmas. There are always hundreds of cars that fill the downtown. Here are some photos from this year’s show.

Dawes Arboretum In The Spring

Dawes Arboretum

Image by Betty B via Flickr

Here’s a nice video of the blooms at Dawes Arboretum. Dawes has so many different types of plants that the springtime is truly a wonder to see there. The Crab Apple trees are the star attractions in spring and should not be missed.


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Newark, Ohio Strawberries On The Square Festival

June 4, 2010toJune 6, 2010

Strawberries On The Square will have it’s 27th celebration on the square in Downtown Newark, Ohio. One of Licking County’s favorite celebrations is sponsored by The Kiwanis and the proceeds help fund Camp O’bannon, a summer camp for underprivileged children. There will be food, rides, crafts, and entertainment for the entire family.

Call (740)345-6910 for more information about the Strawberries On The Square Festival.

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