Bad Timing For Licking County, Ohio Levies

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Sometimes things happen in a way that you would think a higher power is trying to send you a message. It’s like in the movies when the star says, “Show me a sign God!”, and there’s signs happening all over the place, but the star doesn’t want to see the truth. When a home loan escrow report comes at the same time that everyone is asking for more money, that’s one of these signs.

I like parks, nice schools, bike paths, and libraries. They are all nice things. I like many nice useful things that I sometimes cannot afford. On a personal level, it’s an easy thing to take care of, but on a public level, you’re at the mercy of the voters. When many of the voters will not be troubled by extra taxes and many have incomes high enough to absorb the costs, and many in the middle want to not see the signs, it’s hard to make your vote matter.

I bought my house 11 years ago and the payment has risen by $200 because I escrow the taxes and insurance. This amount could vary for everyone else, but $2,400/year for an average home is big to me. The income level since that time certainly has not kept pace. Taxes and prices on everything else have outpaced incomes as well. Now we have all of these public programs sticking out their hand for money like the good times are here again!

As I said, all of the entities asking for money are nice amenities. They try to make the case that if you cannot afford to give them more money on demand that you are against them and it certainly isn’t true. They also don’t tally up all of the things that have hit your wallet since their last levies. The fact that foreclosures are going up and incomes are leaving the city mean nothing to them. There are a myriad of factors that mean nothing to them. They just know that they need more money too.

The campaigns never tell you what they are doing to keep costs low. You would think they would love to tell you. All that the campaigns tell you is all of the great deeds and benefits they have given, and many of them are easily debatable.

I am only one vote, but I can tell you that many are in the same type of bind. The price tag to live in Licking County versus the benefits you receive are questionable. As the price to own a home moves up, people keep leaving, home foreclosures keep happening, and the wage base is slowly eroding away. Just as these levies have slowly crept up, so too has the tax base started leaving.

Some things to remember as they tell you that they don’t support them:

  • C-TEC is setting in a brand new school that we built them. They’ve squandered the money with poor management and things like acting classes in Granville and lawyer fees for their lack of care during the building project.
  • The park system here is nice. It’s also very extensive. How did it get that way in the first place if the public does not support them?
  • The library is in a nice building that is very nice and very new. It’s a great resource. How did it get that way if we did not support them?

As you go to place your vote think of those folks on the verge of losing everything and the steady creep of costs they’ve experienced. If you can’t understand their situation, I hope the long lists of layoffs and foreclosures doesn’t concern you either.

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