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New Subway In Newark, Ohio

New subway in Newark, Ohio.

Subway restaurant in downtown Newark, Ohio.

The new Subway restaurant on the square in downtown Newark, Ohio is the nicest I’ve ever been in. They’ve kept the old metal ceiling. 

2015 Newark, Ohio Reconstruction Starts

Newark Ohio Downtown Construction 2015

2015 Newark, Ohio Construction Starts. Phase 1 – South Second Street.

A long project to reconstruct Newark, Ohio’s downtown has begun. I give up following this much because it’s convoluted at best. I think it’s designed to be that way. 

The apparent leader of the project is ReNewark. It’s a legal organization called a Community Improvement Corporation. I think they used to call similar illegal partnerships something else. It’s where wealthy private individuals and organizations work in concert with public officials to get things done in ways that favor the private entities and the politicians, but not necessarily the public. The public’s part is just to pay for the majority of the work. 

I researched ReNewark the best I could and I came up pretty empty handed. I can’t find any legal documents for the partnership. I’ve e-mailed to ask exactly who they are, but no reply. All that you get is a website. If you want to know who is redesigning Newark, Ohio, this is all that they tell you about who “they” are. “Newark Development Partners is a collaborative venture engaging the public and private sectors…”. 

Property owners in the downtown area are really enthusiastic with the gift that every other taxpayer is bestowing on them. Imagine buying a run down house in an area, then the government comes in and improves not only your property, but every property around you. Who wouldn’t be enthusiastic about that? Some have described it as a dream coming true. 

Will it be successful? Will the costs be so harmful that the taxpayers won’t be able to spend money in the newly renovated area? It’s a fine line. Since the taxpayer has been removed from the decision making process on this, I’ll just sit back, watch, and enjoy. 

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