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Madison Township Volunteer Fire Department Video

The Madison Township Volunteer Fire Department put together a video showing the training and work that they do along with some information about volunteering.

Here’s a link to their Facebook page.

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It’s Christmas Time In Newark, Ohio.

Newark, Ohio Courthouse Lit For Christmas

Licking County Courthouse Lit For 2011 Christmas Season

The 2011 Lighting Of the Courthouse event is over. Santa Claus arrived as scheduled for his annual visit to light the Licking County, Ohio Courthouse. As usual, there were a few technical glitches to work out, but with the help of the crowd cheering on, they got it lit and it will remain so for the rest of the Christmas season.

It’s become an annual tradition for Newark, Ohio to usher in the Christmas season with the lighting of the courthouse. Donations are made all year long and events like the Lite The Nite car show are held to pay for the lighting. The community makes quite an effort to ensure that this happens every year. The end result is a stunningly beautiful display and a fun memory made for everyone. 

Carolers sang while the crowd anxiously waited for Santa’s arrival. Santa made contact by radio and the fire truck had to pick him up after some difficulties with the sleigh. The fireman were happy to pick him up with the fire truck. I even seen Homeland Security there to ensure his safety. A police escort was also there to assist. 

If you’re town doesn’t have a Christmas tradition like Newark, Ohio, you’re missing out. It’s a great time kids and adults alike. Unlike big events, it’s just a few hours out of the season that’s for everyone, but especially the kids. What other time of year do kids get to see a large gathering of adults that are for the most part, just having fun? 

Here are some videos. Not the greatest quality, but good enough to get an idea of what the Christmas gathering in Newark, Ohio is all about. 

 Santa Arrives On The Fire Truck


The Crowd Must Cheer To Overcome The Technical Difficulties With The Lights. Happens Every Year.

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Lincoln Middle School Demolished. Progress Or Waste?

Lincoln Middle School In Newark, Ohio Demolished.

Was the Lincoln Middle School demolition wasteful or necessary for progress.

I recently noticed an article about the demolition of Lincoln Middle School in Newark, Ohio and it brought back recent memories of every other elementary school demolished in Newark. The school that I remember well is North Elementary on Deo Drive. For years before it’s demolition, voters were asked for funds for new windows, heating/cooling system, a new parking lot and more. After so many very expensive improvements, the school was demolished. It was a total waste and the land remains vacant years later.

The article in the local paper stated that the school was being demolished with no sales to the public because that would be labor intensive. The article never touched on the feelings of many that the demolition was just a waste in general. See all of those windows on the front of the school? They’re not that old. There were many contractors that enjoyed many projects maintaining this building recently. It’s frequently the same old story of recent major renovations, only to be thrown into a scrap pile.

The school board’s defense is that they must maintain the schools for the children and that all spending to do so is justified. They never know if they’ll get the money for new schools, so they must make sure that parking lots are perfect, state of the art heating/cooling systems are installed, and that the old structures get the utmost attention. They need these expenditures to use as justification for the new schools. “Look at how much these old buildings are costing us!”, is the claim right after the updates.

Joe Taxpayer first sees these high expenditures to maintain the old buildings. Then, he sees the massive campaigns in the news and the signs. Quite often, the “do it for the children” signs are in contractor’s yards, public employee yards, and in the politicians yards. Basically everyone that profits from the system is all for any new levy that comes about. After a levy is passed, the old schools are razed, then another levy comes out demanding more money to operate the new schools. Oddly, when requesting a levy for new schools, they always forget to include enough money to actually operate them.

To ad insult to injury, the old schools are frequently torn down. The school district always has an excuse. “If sold, they could become an eyesore as a commercial property.”, “The buildings are just unsafe and need to be torn down.”, etc. They gloss over the fact that they’ve ruined a viable commercial property and any of the profits that could have resulted in it’s sale.

My question is, where in Newark, Ohio has an old school that did survive turn into a nuisance? The few that I know about have remained nice properties used as churches and office buildings. These businesses have improved their neighborhoods. With this in mind, I have to wonder if the officials simply don’t want the embarrassment when the buildings prove to have value when the schools claim the buildings are dangerous.

If you buy the school district’s claims, keep voting for new schools. I don’t agree and I’m looking for ways to make them more accountable. Question the school district’s claims boldly! Many of us work and/or live in buildings in much worse condition than Lincoln, yet they’re telling us that it the building is worthless? That would mean that many other buildings that pay large amounts of taxes to support new schools are even more worthless!

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New Links For The Directory

Here’s another update for the Newark, Ohio Links directory. If I’ve missed a link that you know about feel free to contact the site and let me know about it. I’m happy to say that I have removed far fewer websites than usual. Those that I found to be dead links were primarily small bed and breakfast businesses in the Newark, Ohio lodging category. Some of the new sites are really well done. It’s great to see businesses finding out how inexpensive it is to create a good website with WordPress and Joomla. Some are still using some very expensive developers, so I hope that they follow up with content and make it worth their investment.

Licking County Courthouse Steps

Image via Wikipedia

The new links include:

  • White Feather Farms – A turkey farm in nearby Pataskala, Ohio.
  • Mid-Ohio Camper – Camper sales in Hebron, Ohio.
  • Discover Diving – Newark, Ohio diving gear and training. They also specialize in paintball gear and skateboards.
  • Edgewood Equestrian – Horse riding lessons and horse stables very close to Newark, Ohio.
  • Licking County Equestrian – Numerous services available for horses and riders. Vet services, stalls, arena area, and more.
  • The Grill’s Chophouse – steak restaurant in Downtown Newark, Ohio
  • The Grill’s Deli – Downtown Newark, Ohio deli.
  • Shepherd Hill – addiction treatment center in Newark, Ohio
  • Papa Foti’s Pizza – Heath, Ohio pizza shop
  • The Glass Guru – Glass repair and installation
  • Richardson Glass Repair – Glass repair company that’s been servicing Newark for a very long time.

As always, send local Newark, Ohio links if you have them. Always happy to post them.


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Newark, Ohio 2011 Lighting Of The Courthouse

November 25, 2011
6:00 pmto9:00 pm
Licking County Courthouse in Newark, Ohio With Christmas Lights

Every year Newark, Ohio welcomes the Christmas season with a lighting of the Licking County Courthouse. This year, Santa is scheduled to stop in and light the courthouse on November 25, 2011 at 6 PM.

The event is an exciting one and for some reason, there are always some glitches. It seems that the lights require so much power that it takes a huge amount of electricity from the excitement of the crowd to get it lit. The louder they cheer, the more lights that come on. It’s a great way to join with the community as they kick off the festivities for the rest of the Christmas season. Work is already being done to prepare for the lighting of the Newark, Ohio Courthouse.

Here is a video of a Licking County Courthouse lighting from 2006.


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Taft Reserve. A Horse Park In Licking County, Ohio.

Taft Reserve is a park in the Licking County Park District. The trails are primarily for horses, but there are some sections only open to hiking.

Licking County, Ohio Park District's Taft Reserve Sign

Taft Reserve In Rural Licking County, Ohio near Newark.

I’d love to tell you more about Taft Reserve, but the specifics are constantly changing. Their website is lacking information and rules for all of the parks are constantly changing. This includes the times that they are open and the restrictions for horses depending on trail conditions. I think that all of this is due to lacking funds to support the parks, but who knows? There are phone numbers to call on their website.

I took my chances and found Taft Reserve open. It’s a nice trail for the exception of the horse droppings. For the most part, the trails are wide well-groomed tunnels through wooded areas. It appears to be a replanted area. I say this because of the strange types of trees arranged together. Some cherry trees trying to survive among oaks and maples, then a few evergreens. A few other types of trees have managed to grow, but for the most part there is a repeating pattern.

There was an abundant amount of birds and wildlife. Birdwatchers will be in heaven out here.

There are surrounding farms and from the looks I got, there suspicious of anyone venturing into the park. No greeting or anything, just a stare. Maybe I’m a shady looking character or something. 🙂

Here is a trail map and some photos of the trail.

Taft Reserve Map Near Newark, Ohio

Licking County, Ohio's Taft Reserve Trail Map.

Many of Taft Reserves trails are cleared in a way that provides a canopy for much of the hike. Really cool for bird watchers.

Horse Trail At Taft Reserve Park Near Newark, Ohio

Horse Trail At Taft Reserve Park Near Newark, Ohio

Upper Trail Near Farm At Taft Reserve Near Newark, Ohio.

Upper Trail Near Farm At Taft Reserve Near Newark, Ohio.

Licking County, Ohio Farm Near Taft Reserve Horse Park

Farm across the road from Taft Reserve Park In Licking County, Ohio

The park is located on Flint Ridge Road in between Linnville and Brownsville Roads.

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Toboso United Methodist Church Soup Supper And Christmas Candy Bar

December 10, 2011
3:00 pmto7:00 pm
Toboso United Methodist Church 2011 Christmas Soup Supper

Image by Doramon via Flickr

The Toboso United Methodist Church is having their 2nd Annual Soup Supper and Christmas Candy Bar on Dec. 10, 2011 from 3 to 7 pm.

Cost is by donation.

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