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The Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve East Of Newark, Ohio.

Entrance To The Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve Near Newark, Ohio

Entrance To The Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve Near Newark, Ohio

The Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve just 8 miles east of Newark, Ohio is a nice place to ride bicycles, hike, birdwatch, or just relax and take in some natural scenery. The trails are close to the Licking River with some hilly paths to hike off of the main main bicycle path.

Be careful when biking as the trail has fallen into a slight state of needing repair. Also, take note of the park’s rules because some are not obvious. For example, if your child picks a few wildflowers, that could be a costly fine. Law enforcement is heavy looking for these minor infractions at times.

Except for the potholes, the trail is a safer one for very young bicyclists so long as they have adult supervision.

Blackhand Gorge Bike Trail Near Newark, Ohio in September.

Blackhand Gorge Bike Trail Near Newark, Ohio In September

Here’s an nice video of hiking in The Blackhand Gorge area.

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New Newark, Ohio Website Updates

The new websites for this update are:

In the automotive category:

In the pizza category:

In the health category:

In the Newark, Ohio Web Design Category

  • Exact Marketing Formula – Utica, Ohio based web designer and web promotion company. Careful! He’s new. These businesses should be thoroughly researched for buying their services.
  • Kaleb Designs – Again, research first.
  • Mid-Ohio IT – Again, research.

Newly Found Newark, Ohio Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Newark, Ohio Jaycees

New retail stores:

Licking County Agriculture Category:

  • Shaw’s Local Produce

Reference Websites:

  • Licking County Events – moderately accurate and up-to-date, but it’s just an automated service from what I can see.

 Hobbies And Crafts:

  • It’s My Bag – I saw this on the back of a car in town, so if anyone is wondering, advertising on a car does work for websites.

Home And Building:

  • RMSe – Retail store building and project management firm in Newark, Ohio



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Newark, Ohio Paint Stores

Newark, Ohio has quite a few options when looking for quality paint. The AdvantEdge Paints store and Sherwin-Williams downtown are the stores many professionals use. Dedicated paint stores also sell any paint supplies need and wallpaper. These higher quality stores that deal specifically in paint have professional salespeople that are great at helping customers, but if here’s some information about how to choose paint for a  primer(no pun intended).

Newark, Ohio Downtown Paint Store - AdvantEdge Paints

AdvantEdge Paints In Downtown Newark, Ohio

The other options for paint in Newark and the Licking County, Ohio area are the big box home improvement stores.


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Old Jail House Rock N’ Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show

September 25, 2011
11:00 amto4:00 pm

The Licking County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Academy Alumni Association is having an Old Jail House Rock N’ Car, Truck and Motorcycle show!

The old Licking County jailhouse in Newark, Ohio

Historic, but creepy, old Licking County Jail

Sept 25th, 2011 at the old county jail house S. 3rd st. Newark, Oh.

  • 11 to 4pm
  • Registration is $8.00
  • 50-50 Raffle, and 15 awards and 5 Special awards.

Also kids workshop by Home Depot and Kids ID’s by the Sheriff’s Office, plus local fire departments. So come hang out with some fun people!

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Weiant-Wherle House For Sale

So maybe the $15,000,000 asking price for the Longaberger Mansion is a little steep. There is another smaller mansion for sale at 444 Hudson Avenue, the Weiant-Wherle House, for $328,500. It’s a 4000 square foot 6 bedroom historic home with a  carriage house and gazebo. 

The listing is old and the house might be sold by now, but the description and photos were interesting. Weiant was the owner of the first telephone company in Newark and he owned a massive greenhouse complex east of Newark. Wherle owned the the Wherle Stove Company in Newark. 

This would seem like a good home to find get the entrepreneurial spirit. 

UPDATE – This house is no longer listed for sale when I last checked on December 18th, 2011. 

What Wrecker Services Are Available In Newark, Ohio?

Car Towing

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Newark, Ohio is lucky to have some many fine wrecker services available and most work with AAA, Nationwide, and other road service plans. Here’s a list:

M&P Towing has no website – 427 Granville Street, Newark – (740) 344-3974

Porky’s Towing has no website – 116 Burt Avenue, Newark  (740) 344-1947

Ultimate Towing – 13585 Pinewood Trl, Newark (740) 745-2259

Jae’s Towing(limited info on Facebook) – 1697 Hebron Road, Health Ohio (740) 344-1947 Heavy Duty Wreckers available.

If you don’t have a road service plan, here is the office for the Newark, Ohio AAA:

130 W. Main St.
Newark, Ohio 43055
Phone: 740.345.4017
Fax: 740.349.9129
Toll free phone: 888.222.6446

The Newark AAA store is located on the north side of West Main Street between Fifth Street and Sixth Street.

Hours of operation:
Monday, 9 AM – 6 PM Tuesday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM Saturday, 9 AM – 12 PM

The wrecker services in Newark, Ohio have good reputations and good people working for them. Porky’s has been in business for a very long time and Jae’s has some of the finest and most versatile equipment.

There are also numerous auto repair businesses in Newark, Ohio. Buyer beware. Try to get a reference for any mechanic.

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Short Video About The Effects Of Rising Electricity Costs On Newark, Ohio Residents

Here’s a short video about the effects of rising power costs on the residents of Newark, Ohio. It’s an odd one. Panning video shots of the city with upbeat music in the background while you listen to an interview about the dire situation the city is in. 

Newark City councilman and Park National Vice President and Trust Officer, John Uible, explains that many Newark residents are on fixed incomes, Social Security, or working at jobs where they know their income will not be rising. He goes on to explain that Newark isn’t making anything any more, so all future jobs rely on the hospitals, government employment, financial institutions, or insurance firms. Depressing. This comes from a person that intimately knows where the money’s at in Licking County. 

Considering that Park National is one of the small banks that has been doing it’s job without the help of stimulus funds, I’m sure there is more that they would like to say about the situation, but can’t. All that Park National can do now is hope that there is enough government revenue grabbed by local businesses to support the community. If the hospital gets enough from government health services funding, enough mandates are placed on the citizens to force them to buy enough insurance, and enough government contracts support the local vendors, we’re golden. 

Mr. Uible’s advice, is that we need to tell the leaders in Washington that people can only pay so much and that the costs need to be held at a reasonable level. No kidding!! I have a feeling that they already know that, but I’m sure that they could care less. Only a crazed, conspiratorial, whack-job would think that the leaders are pushing this to put more money in the pockets of non-producing friends and cripple the ability for hard working industrial towns to earn a living without relying on the graces of those in Washington right? 

Enjoy the educational video. 

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Photos From the 2011 Newark, Ohio Lite The Nite Car Show

Every year Newark, Ohio, in coordination with local car clubs, holds a Lite The Nite car show. Proceeds from the show go to help pay for the decorations that light the courthouse at Christmas. There are always hundreds of cars that fill the downtown. Here are some photos from this year’s show.

Native American & Pioneer Cultural Event At Flint Ridge

September 24, 2011
10:00 amto5:00 pm
September 25, 2011
10:00 amto5:00 pm
Native Americans in tribal costumes

Image via Wikipedia

The second annual Native American And Pioneer Cultural Event will be at Flint Ridge on September 24-25. The event includes:

  • Arts
  • Crafts
  • Exhibits
  • Demonstrations from the Pioneer and Native American eras.

The event is free and open to the public. The Flint Ridge Museum is located off State Route 668 between US 40(The National Road and State Route 16.

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New Video From Newark, Ohio Band, Iconic Tonic

Iconic Tonic from Newark, Ohio has their first video out. The band has recently signed with Jamsync Music

 Newark, Ohio Links looks forward to hearing more great music from a local band working hard to make it happen. 

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