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Newark, Ohio’s Route 13 Is An Unlucky Drive.

Whether your superstitious about 13 or not, Licking County‘s State Route 13 is an unlucky highway. The major reason is speed. Combine speed with a highway that has many places to enter and exit the roadway, inattentive drivers, and heavy traffic, and you’re not going to have any luck.

South of Newark, there are a few curves and blind hills. Nothing that should present a problem, but it does. Truck traffic adds fuel to the rage of impatient drivers. If you go north of Newark, a 45mph speed zone is disregarded as drivers push they’re family trucksters and big boy trucks to their performance limits of 70mph or so.

Patience is the key to driving these roads. The road isn’t the problem. There are many worse roads with far better safety statistics. The speed limit isn’t there to impede your ability to travel quickly. It’s there to allow for a safety cushion for the many drivers entering and exiting the roads. Sure, you may not have to turn for 15 miles, but many people live in neighborhoods along the highway. Turning here is a legal maneuver. No matter how much you tailgate or blow you horn, folks need to make their turns to get home.

Tonight we had many injured at the 657 and 13 intersection. Again, there’s nothing wrong with the road here. It’s fine. You can see for a 1/2 mile in each direction, yet somehow there is an accident. How could this happen? The cause is not reported yet, but I would bet alcohol, speed, inattentive driving, or a combination of them are going to play a role.

As you travel the unlucky Ohio State Route 13, think about your driving responsibilities. Think about the consequences of your actions. If you know you’re driving responsibly, give it even more effort. Realize that the person behind you is thinking that the closer he gets to your bumper, the faster you may go. Realize they’re probably involved in some fascinating conversation on the cell phone like “who’s dating who”, or ” did you get bread”. Think about this before your turn. If you see them back there, slow down very far of your turn. Go ahead, get them upset, at least they’ll be watching your bumper and maybe they’ll see your turn signal.


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Newark, Ohio Motorcycle Accidents

The skull and crossbones, a common symbol for ...

Motorcylists, beware.Wikipedia

There have been many motorcycle accidents recently in the Licking County area. All of them that I know about were not what I consider to be “accidents” at all. They were acts of total careless and wreckless abandon by many parties involved. They were avoidable.

You can’t talk about the specific accidents without offending the survivors of the deceased and that is not my intent. I would find it ignorant to ignore the safety principles and laws violated that caused them. I have 26 years of experience riding motorcycles, military vehicles, 18-wheelers, and cars. I’ve driven in 48 states, Canada, and Europe. I’ve had numerous safety courses in all types of vehicles. I know what I’m talking about.

The recent accidents I can recall are as follows:

Super Chopper With A Drunk Rider

Customized hot-rod chopper leaves a bar north of Newark. He’s drunk and showing off. He kills himself and injures his rider severly. No reports of intoxication even though many witnesses drank with him and noted that he was going to kill himself before he left the bar. No safety gear involved, obviously.

Super Bike Stunt Rider

After an evening at a bar on 21st street, a rider on a sport bike decides to impress the group he’s with by doing a wheelie down Newark’s most heavily traveled area. He reaches a very fast speed and a car fails to see him  due to his headight pointing at the sky. He kills himself when he hits the car.

Bikers Passing Slow Vehicles

I know of 2 recent crashes where large vehicles were slowing to turn. The claim is they didn’t have a turn signal on. Regardless, the impatient bikers went to pass, the large vehicles turned left into their path and crashed them. If you have a large vehicle slowing near an intersection, guess what, they’re going to turn. I know, it’s a violation of all that’s good and holy to not signal, but it happens. Tired truckers, tired farmers in over-sized equipment, they do stupid things. Prepare for it.

Sports Cars With Young Drivers Making Erratic Moves

A teenager in a sports car goes from a high rate of speed to slamming on the brakes to make a turn. Biker swerves to miss and kills the rider. Neither rider was wearing safety gear. A spoiled teenager in a performance car that they’re parents got them just because that’s what they wanted. What does that tell you? Does it sound like a situation that you want to be near in any vehicle? When you see it, get ready for a problem.

The list could go on. What can be noted is that these are not the usual 100% fault of the car drivers that we are used to. These are preventable by the motorcyclist. I understand the usual problems of car drivers not caring at all. Those problems are still prevalent, but there’s nothing we can do about them except to prepare for their lack of skills or attention. We can control our actions.

Look around you at the friends and families being maimed and injured. The old arguments are dead and laws will not correct the problem.

  • Where your safety gear and persuade others to also.
  • Take safety courses and practice what you learn.
  • Don’t go to the bar if you must drink there. If you can’t do that, sell the motorcycle. There are less painful ways of suicide if that is your goal.
  • Save the stunts for safe areas. There are multiple locations where you can put your sportbike through it’s paces.

And As For The Car Drivers…

Ignore the assumption that car drivers need to pay attention and drive in a legal matter. It’s not going to happen. It’s only worsened over the years. The legal penalties are light and mean very little. Look at how they drive. Cell phones, stoned on anti-depressants, texting, drunk, inattentive, and careless. The assumption one’s self is much more important than anything else around them has increased.

Look what they do after they kill a biker. The cry and wail to the police, “I didn’t see him!”, when they did. The tears are for their carelessness finally catching up with them, not for those they’ve hurt and killed. They’re not going to attend the funeral or even apologize to the survivors. It’s not an “accident”. Nothing you can say or do can correct this problem. It’s a matter of a personal decision by the driver to place their personal activities importance at a greater level than the safety of those around them.

Prepare yourself for their stupidity. When you see a car approach a driveway and slow with no turn signal, guess what. They’re going to turn left into your path! It’s going to happen. Get your brakes covered and ready. Wear your safety gear to increase your survivability by over 40%. Stay sober. Get trained on emergency maneuvers to avoid them. If you can’t manage to do these things, get rid of the bike.

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Newark, Ohio, It’s OK To Be A Little Angry.


County courthouse in Newark.
Image via Wikipedia

Newark, Ohio‘s Bloggers are few. I don’t know why, but they are. If they’re not, they don’t make it known that they’re from Newark. Recently, I’ve seen a surge of bloggers, primarily business people. I’ve noticed this surge after I’ve seen a push by “branding” specialists that it’s a good idea to get involved with social websites and blogging. This is good news, but the blogs get a little odd.

A few have posted many times that they are tired of the negative blogging. They want to only push positive posts. I find this a negative in and of itself. They’re going to tire of only looking for positive things to say when the world itself just isn’t 100% positive.

Look at Newark’s history. We live in a once productive town that was at the top of the Glass, Metal, Aerospace, and even home appliance industries! Today, we’re reduced to a rusting giant basket, and a few remnants of the past that are barely hanging on. You’re going to have a little negativity when you discuss solutions to this problem.

When you bring up government solutions, expect some serious backlash. Currently, one of the areas only promising companies, ArmorSource, is facing a serious situation where possible corruption is placing them in jeopardy. The Army is considering tossing $25 million dollars worth of ArmorSource gear into the trash can and favoring other companies who have fondled the Obama administration more to their liking. Don’t ask us to look to the government as a solution to anything and don’t expect everyone to consider their involvement in anything as a positive.

We’re looking at downtown renovations orchestrated by a select few wealthy people. These people did not get wealthy through the productive engines that Newark was accustomed to. Some invested heavily in organizations that took an active part in shipping our jobs overseas. Some of these wealthy people gained their seed start-up money by scavenging from the remnants of a once great town. This may not make them bad people, but it certainly brings up questions as to their best interests for the people of Newark, Ohio. Don’t expect full positive compliance with their wishes.

Don’t take every disagreement as a negative. It’s not. It’s a disagreement. Don’t take every view of non-compliance as an attack, it’s not. It’s healthy debate. We have the technology to debate on a level never seen before. You’re not going to squelch it by just “being positive”.

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Don’t Feed The Geese At T.J. Evans.

Canada Goose on Approach
Image by pheanix300 via Flickr

The Geese at T.J. Evans are interesting to watch, but they’re just to numerous. I like the idea of having a park so close to home with everything that it offers, but the goose droppings coat the entire place to the point where it’s just miserable.

From what I’ve been told, the reason that love it there so much is the water and the food. The food is not just their natural fare provided by the local nature, but the easy pickings provided by humans.

That’s right! People feeding them are a major cause for them over-staying their welcome. Don’t feed them and you’ll still have geese, but not so many that you can’t even walk through the park.

Dork’s Computer Repair In Heath, Ohio.

I noticed that there is a new computer repair shop in Heath, Ohio called Dork Force. The name had me laughing so hard I had to take a picture. I know nothing about Dork Force, other than the name is funny.

Dork Force Computer Repair in Heath, Ohio


Maybe I just haven’t kept up with current slang, but a Dork has never meant anything complimentary. Geeks, that’s different, that implies that the person is only smart about technological aspects of life, but lacks in other areas, Dork implies lack of knowledge in anything. Hopefully the name means nothing here.

If they’re good, the area needs these guys. There are many broke computers that need repaired. I don’t repair computers and viruses because there’s no money it. Folks think it should be done for free in the first place, then you end up spending many hours correcting their problems and educating them. By the time you add up the bill for the time, they could have just bought a new computer.

When your suggestions are ignored, the customer comes back to you and explains that your service is no good because they have the same problem again. You find out that they’ve done the same things that you told them not to do. They’ve somehow disabled everything you set up to protect them. In the process, they’ve told everyone they know that you don’t know what you’re doing and you’ve ripped them off.

In short, there’s better ways to make a living with computers. If Dork Force has figured out a way to fix your computer for less than buying a new one and clear a profit, not to mention pay the rent in the strip mall, my hat is off to them and I wish them the best.

I can tell everyone to Be Careful Of All Computer Repair Shops!. You can easily be ripped off with this type of business. Like I said, I don’t know anything about Dork Force, but I know plenty about computer repair shops in general.

  • Are they installing the free Microsoft Security Essentials program?
  • If the repair is within $100 of a new computer with high performance numbers, get the new computer. They should be suggesting this to you.

For those who wish to keep their computer out of the shop, install Iolo(turn off the anti-virus protection) and Microsoft Security Essentials(turn on the anti-virus protection) and you’re about as secure as you can get.

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For Great Hamburgers, You have To Leave Newark, Ohio.

Freddie's Bar In Saing Louisville, Ohio.

Best Hamburgers In The Area

Strange as it seems, there are very few places to get a really good hamburger anymore. You would think that American restaurants would have perfected this time honored food, but it’s a lost art.

The problem is that you need a true grill cook. None of the chains can produce a true grill cook. It’s all in the care of the grill.

Thanks to a neighbor taking me to lunch one day, I’ve found the perfect hamburger at Freddie’s in Saint Louisville, Ohio. Just head north on 13, go through Vanatta, then SLOW to 45mph at the Saint Louisville, Ohio city limits and you’ll soon see Freddie’s. When I say slow down, I mean slow down if you don’t want to meet the notorious Saint Louisville police. The love to write tickets in this little speed trap town.

Don’t let the look of the old bar fool you. Yes, it’s a biker bar, but the bikers are just a bunch of old Harley riders and they’re not interested in anything but a beer and a good burger. Trouble is a rare thing. This is a neighborhood biker bar. The place may look a little old, but the kitchen is clean. You can see it all from the bar.

Mike, the owner is usually working. He’s the grill master that you’re looking for. The last I was there, a single was only $2.95. Don’t get the double unless you are really hungry. The onion rings are good too.

Pataskala Man Holds Thieves At Gunpoint. Anti-Gun Crowd Stumped.

A Pataskala area property tax payer, Robert Willis, has had 13 recent robberies. Today he fired a couple of shots at robbers and held them until Pataskala, Ohio Police could arrive and apprehend the robbers from Marion, Ohio. The men were trying to steal his dog kennels.

Robert Willis told the Newark Advocate Newspaper that without the gun, people were robbing his property at will. When anti-gun rights activists posted about the event, they said that they believe in property rights, but could offer no solutions to stopping people from robbery without a gun. The best solution they had was to call police and while you observe your property being stolen. Maybe they’ll come, maybe they won’t, but at least you won’t hurt anybody. They claim that it’s just stuff that can be replaced. So much for their claim to believing in the right to own property.

According to Ohio law, Willis could be in violation. It would take a very skilled lawyer to rig a jury that would convict him.

Thanks for the good job Mr. Willis! The public thanks you. You’re a hero for defending what is yours. Anti-gun advocates, what should Mr. Willis have done to keep his property safe, himself safe, and his neighbors safe? What is your answer to this problem?

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Med-Ox Buys Linn Homecare In Newark, Ohio

Med-Ox is a large home medical equipment supplier that has gained it’s size understanding  that automation is the key to profits when profits are small. They’ve perfected their billing systems to streamline the process and reduce the number of employees. Time required to bill patients is significantly reduced also.

Med-Ox recently purchased Linn Homecare in Newark, Ohio and they will operate under the Med-Ox name. The 2 employees will be retain their positions under the Med-Ox company.

What are you doing to automate your business practices? Are you in a position that could be eliminated by automation? Consider what these changes in every aspect of our lives will have on your future.

Newark, Ohio Schools Put Uniform Policy In Place. Everyone Gets What They Deserve.

Newark, Ohio’s School Board approved a uniform policy that will go into effect in the fall. In brief, students can wear khaki or black pants, shorts and skirts, no jeans or sweatpants, and polo or button-up shirts in solid white, crimson, black or gray. Their is an option of wearing sweaters or sweatshirts with approval. Not that tough to follow.

After reading the outrageous comments in the local news, I found a positive in this otherwise useless policy. Everyone is getting what they deserve. Everyone.

  • The school board gets a policy that will divert attention from all matters of substance. While parents are busy complaining about this, the school board can do as it pleases and nobody will notice. They deserve this break because they deal with parents that dwell on trivial matters instead of important ones all of the time.
  • The faculty won’t be able to enforce this much better than they could enforce the original code. They’re going to pull their hair out trying to make this work. They’re going to pull their hair out trying to make this appear as a stunning success with any figure they can find. They are at least going to have to try and make something look like it’s improved. The faculty deserves this.
  • Parents will have to buy certain clothes. A change in  routine, but hardly an inconvenience for parents. They won’t have to argue about what is appropriate when they shop for their children. Bad parents may get their first taste of telling their children, “No”. They can choose to blame the schools, but why not take advantage of it and just tell them, “No!”. Parents are digging for excuses for why this isn’t fair for their kid, yet some of them were willing to send their kids to school with inappropriate clothing. Those who just comply will not have any problem. Parents deserve this.
  • Kids can forget about being trendy and risky with the fashion choices at school. They can get a taste of why who you vote for IS important. They are going to learn who is really on their side. The parents didn’t make this decision. This is what a controlling government does. The kids couldn’t behave with the old dress code and many tend to buy the liberal agenda that this policy serves. They deserve this.
  • Everyone involved gets to blame somebody else for the policy. The board can blame the parents. The parents can blame the board, the faculty can blame everybody, and the kids can blame the faculty that must enforce this.

So everyone involved with the schools, when everybody loses, everybody gets what they deserve. Enjoy!

Newark, Ohio’s Current Parking Problem – Or The Lack Thereof.

Newark, Ohio has a perceived parking problem, not a real one. People that think Newark, Ohio has a problem, have never seen a parking problem. The problem is not parking, it’s laziness.

Recently Newark, Ohio removed their parking enforcement. The police are left to enforce parking. The union is in an uproar at this horrible, horrible thought that officers have to right traffic tickets. It’s parking pandemonium.

My issue? There’s plenty of parking. You probably will not find a space right in front of where you need to be, but you will find parking within leisurely walking distance. There is a huge gravel parking area behind the south side of the square, a parking garage, and on-street parking.

I do think that more spaces should be freed up for the elderly and handicapped. That’s right, just being elderly should get you a pass. Most folks I know that are complaining are simply to lazy. There is no solution for the downtown area that will allow everyone to park directly in front of their business of choice.

Businesses complaining that they lose business due to parking have no basis for their theory. If this were true, how would a mall ever stay in business? You must walk to every store there. Don’t put your claims of losses on the back of the city’s parking policy. If your customer was not willing to walk a couple of hundred yards, they probably weren’t that interested in your business. Save your energy for improving your business on this non-issue.

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