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Newark, Ohio Links Newsletter For March 28, 2010

Newark, Ohio Links continues to evolve. More websites have been added and some additional functions added. The website is gaining traffic at a steady pace. It’s taken quite an effort to build, so I’m happy to see improvements. Websites take patience and work and I enjoy the challenge.

There is now an events listing. I’ve noticed that other websites fill it up with to many small events. Taco night every Wednesday at a restaurant is not an “event” to most of us. I’m going to be looking for the big events to fill there, but I’ll ad any reasonable events that I’m sent.

The Newark, Ohio Library Seeks Additional Funds

I’ve been hearing about the levy for the Newark, Ohio Library, but there is no mention of the Licking County library levy on their website. One would think this would be on the front page and that they would be proud to explain their financial situation. They are the information center of the county right?

Don’t get me wrong, we should all support the library. It’s the only good resource we have locally for books and it saves anyone seeking information time and money. My problem is that they are asking for funds, but they are not giving any specifics as to what the funds will be used for. If you look at the back page of the flier, they only give very broad explanations.

Below are the ads that I received today. They tell what they did in the past. They inform us that the state is making a 25% cut in their funding. They do not tell us exactly what will be cut, how much of their funding comes from the state, or what they intend to do with the increase we will pay with our tax dollars. I hope it will not be for more expensive and flashy printing like what is used for these fliers.  All I want is detailed information, save the photos of the kids and elderly, I already know and care about them.

Newark, Ohio Library Ad
Newark, Ohio Library Ad Received 29 March, 2010.

Newark, Ohio Library Ad March 29, 2010

Shepard Auto Care – Newark, Ohio Mechanic Starts Website

Shepard Auto Care on the south side of Newark, Ohio, started a new website. They have taken notice of the advantages that even a simple startup website can have for a business. My friend brought the website to my attention to the website after having car work done and returning a satisfied customer.

The website has the ability to contact the shop, ask questions and to make an appointment for repairs. Money-saving coupons are on the website too. Shepard has some great people and they’re website shows that they’re doing their best to do things right.

As a side note for those of you starting your own business websites. I can tell that Shepard has invested at least a few dollars in his website. This is good and it will pay off for him in time, but look at a Newark, Ohio resident’s reference to the good car service he received. This reference ranks second in the Google search “auto care newark ohio”.  Your customers are worth more than you think, especially if they blog!

In Conclusion

If you have any Newark, Ohio links or stories you want me to post, send them to me. I’m always happy to get them.

Newark, Ohio Final Friday Chocolate Walk

March 26, 2010
5:30 pmto7:30 pm

Cost: $10.00
Contact Name: Virginia Patterson – Phone: 740-349-0928

The Newark Ohio Downtown Association will sell 100 tickets for the chance to win 2 prizes and chocolate gifts will be handed out at 15 different downtown businesses as you visit them on your stroll.

A great evening and a great way to get to know Newark’s downtown area merchants.

Tommy Cash To Perform In McConnelsville, Ohio

March 23, 2010
8:00 pmto10:00 pm

Cost: $20

Johnny Cash’s younger brother, Tommy Cash performs in McConnelsville, Ohio. Tommy Cash has been performing for 40 years with many hits. The concert will happen in the Twin City Opera House 15 W. Main, Ohio 60 downtown McConnelsville. Ticket info: 740-962-3030.

Newark, Ohio’s 10 Largest Employers

Engineer taking notes a over white background
Engineer taking notes

Newark, Ohio is big on health care, government, insurance, and Fiberglass. Here’s a look at the 10 largest employers in Newark, Ohio.

  1. Licking County Memorial Hospital. In 2009, they employed 1,236 people.
  2. State Farm Insurance. In 2009, 1,100 people were employed.
  3. Owens Corning Corporation. In 2009, 865 people were employed.
  4. Newark City Schools employed 805 people.
  5. Boeing Guidance Repair Center with 603 people employed in 2009.
  6. Anomatic Corporation with 540 people in 2009.
  7. OSU-Newark and Central Ohio Technical College employed 515 in 2009.
  8. City Of Newark employed 495 in 2009.
  9. Englefield Oil employed 495 in 2009.
  10. Arvin Meritor employed 364 in 2009.

It’s good to see that we’re still making things, but we’re very top heavy with business that do not make things and government. It’s a long history, but Newark was founded on making things.  If you want to stake the future on government, you don’t have a problem with the current picture.

The nice thing about this picture is that the ground work is still there for us to rise again. We know how to make an industrial town work. We’re also gaining a 4-lane highway from Columbus to Newark. There are a few small innovative businesses taking off that could fill the empty spaces. In a political season of nothing but false hope and change, there may be real hope lurking.

For smaller businesses, you may want to take note of their website designs. Some of the looks are not that difficult to achieve. Notice the content and the style it is written in too. Take a look at how they market themselves with other websites by finding who links to them and who blogs about them.

Newark Ohio’s Property Code And Lack Of Enforcment

West Church Steet Property In Newark, Ohio

Newark, Ohio’s property code maintenance has been a subject of controversy for years. The end result of the controversy, nothing changed much. The code was selectively enforced and many properties were ignored. A recent report proved that many violations had gone over 3 years with no action. Many of the houses are owned by people on the city council!

Another interesting twist is that these homes are qualifying for federal fix-up dollars. If you look closely at this house, you will see the common strange situation where you have houses ready to fall off of their foundations with brand windows, roofs, and other improvements. No right-minded home owner would invest in these improvements when the house was obviously ready to fall over. This is government funded lunacy here. The landlords get free or reduced cost improvements from grants to save on energy bills and we foot the bill.

The ever-present trash bins stay in front of these houses until you get a mountain of trash. Sometimes, you can’t even see the front porches from the refuse. I’m a firm believer that you should be able to do what you will with your property, but this over-reaches anyone’s common sense. The trash problem is everywhere and there is no code enforcement for these violations either.


Obama Money Candidate For Improvements

You can’t help but wonder what makes someone want to have their name associated with these properties. About $500/month rent is the only reason. Believe it or not, the taxpayers also keep many of these examples of blight standing because they are approved for low-income assistance. It’s guaranteed money in the landlord’s pocket and removes any incentive to remove or repair these eyesores. If they can get the house to pass inspection with “whatever it takes”, the landlord is a winner.

For the record, I did not look up the record of these homes, but you can feel free to find out who the owners are. These homes could be exceptions, but I doubt it. The story is pretty much the same from eyesore to eyesore in Newark, Ohio. The only exceptions I’ve known of were elderly people that have paid the home off, but lack the resources to maintain the home.

What should the citizens do? We can’t ask for new rules, that’s not the problem. The current rules are only selectively enforced. We need to demand enforcement of the city code. We need to vote for people that understand the impact that this environment has on everyone; the renter, the neighbors, and the businesses.


Old broke house in Newark, Ohio
Probably unoccupied. Gutters have been down over a year, A/C still in window in winter.

These problems happen in every city. It’s only a matter of time before Newark’s city government finally figures out that you can’t ignore the problem, nor can you keep feeding the problem by not condemning homes where compliance is refused.

These are also GREAT examples of why federal programs for local problems are a huge waste. If left unchecked, we need only look to Detroit’s abandoned neighborhoods.

Newark, Ohio Roofs And Gutters Suffer Winter Damage

A detail of a yellow building against a bright...
Check Gutters For Winter Ice Damage from Crestock Stock Photo

The winter damage of 2010 is visible everywhere now that the snow is gone. Some may be covered with insurance, others may not. Depending on your house and experience, do-it-yourself repairs can lead to injuries that far exceed the cost of hiring an experienced roof and gutter specialist.

Your gutter system is an important part of the integrity of your home. When not in working order, you invite a host of problems from water around your foundation. Gutter maintenance cost far less than any foundation problems.

Ice damage to the roof’s shingles is a problem sometimes only detected by an experienced roofer. Left unchecked, wall damage and structural problems can occur. Many times, this damage is only in spots and can be repaired without an entire roof replacement.

I have a listing of Newark, Ohio roofing companies that can help you inspect your roof. Check with your network of friends and neighbors thoroughly before hiring any of them. The economy is tight and some may cut corners with their insurance. Be sure to check that they are covered to make your repairs. There is so much roofing work going on in Newark, Ohio right now that you can see these companies operating all over town. Simply observing them is a great way to get a feel for the work that they do.

If you want to learn how to inspect every aspect of your home before troubles start, I suggest Building Inspection Secrets. Not only will you discover how to save money before you buy a house, you can learn to spot troubles before they turn into big problems later.

Newark, Ohio Links March 7th, 2010 Newsletter

Licking County CTEC Asking For Another Levy

After a few years of completely botching a levy passed for a new building and updates, Licking County’s C-TEC Vocational School is asking for more funds. They’re threatening to cut many staff and classes if they don’t get the money to make up for the losses resulting from mismanagement of funds during their buildings construction. The plan is to just pass the losses to the taxpayer.

The efforts include the usual tactics: Send out very expensive glossy brochures that explain very little, get the message out to students that their parents don’t care about them if they don’t vote for the levy, and explain that it’s only $30/year for a $100,000 home to support the levy. I really hate these tactics because they contain so little substance. They put me on the defensive as soon as I see them.

The correct way for C-TEC to approach the public would be to explain what they did wrong, explain the changes they’ll make to financially correct those mistakes, and explain what sacrifices the employees have taken to assist. None of this is being done. There isn’t one word on the C-TEC website explaining anything. They’re going to leave that up to reporters at the local newspaper. We’ll get nothing of substance. They will not get my vote.

Passing a levy is not always support for a school. For example, C-TEC is talking about eliminating their acting classes. When has the local business community in Newark, Ohio been in need of an actor? As C-TEC has shown, passing a levy can actually give them just enough rope to hang themselves.

Winter Driving School

I’ve seen many, many accidents this year. I don’t think there was one that I would claim to not be preventable. It’s really sad to see this happen so much when it is almost always avoidable. Instead of preaching, let me point you to the Mid-Ohio Race Course Driving School. This is a great school for kids and adults. They teach a driver extreme driving skills, which is actually what you need to survive snow conditions. Basic driving school simply isn’t enough. This school is expensive, but well worth it. What does a car accident cost?

Conceal Carry Laws

gun in the hand
Know Your Gun Rights

I noticed from local newspaper comments that there is a huge interest in Concealed Carry Laws. Personally, I feel that we have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, so no further registration should be necessary. I don’t conceal a weapon, so I don’t have a need for the license. For those that do wish to carry and perform their right and duty to protect themselves, there here is a link to Ohio concealed carry instructors.

Judging from the posts I’ve seen, there is a huge amount of disinformation about concealed carry. Some even believe that it’s a dangerous menace for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Even if you’re not interested in carrying a gun, some time spent researching the real statistics will ease your fears. More and more criminals are being stopped dead(literally) through the common licensed gun carrier. An armed society is a polite society.

As always, more and more links are going up all of the time. More businesses are finding great ways to utilize better websites and social networking to get the word out about their business. Keep looking for better business websites in the directory. I will be highlighting some of them soon.

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